Music-Hall (Series) (1955-1962; 1966)

Aka: Music Hall

Music Hall was born in Fall '55 to compete with the Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday night. It lasted seven years, hosted by such television personalities as Michelle Tisseyre and later the comedian Jacques Normand, and was briefly revived in 1966. Music Hall showcased both Canadian stars, such as Denyse Filiatrault and Monique Leyrac, and international (normally French) talent, such as Maurice Chevalier, Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, and Georges Guetary. It was, by Canadian standards, a lavish spectacle, at one point boasting an orchestra of twenty-seven musicians, and offering everything from operetta and musical comedy to popular songs or ballads, to acrobats and ventriloquists. Its longevity resulted from the fact that Quebec had a dual allegiance to the 'showbiz' worlds of both Paris and America.

Over summer 1966, Elaine Bedard hosted the one hour sunday musical program from CBC Montreal, and introduced a selection of Quebec and international performers, including Jacques Desrosiers, Jean Philippe, Jean-Pierre Ferland, and others.

Michelle Tisseyre....Host
Jacques Normand....Host
Elaine Bedard .... Host (1966)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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