Music '60 (Series) (1959-1960)

Aka: Music '60 Presents The Hit Parade; Music '60 Presents The Jack Kane Show

Music '60 was 2 one-hour variety programs, which aired on alternate weeks.

Music '60 Presents The Hit Parade succeeded Cross Canada Hit Parade. Although the show's title suggested that viewers might see renditions of the most current and popular musical hits, as they did on Cross Canada Hit Parade, the show ranged over many musical styles and forms, from rock 'n' roll to classical music.

Music '60 Presents The Jack Kane Show continued the format of Music Makers, again highlighting big band music.

Bill Walker .... Host
Wally Koster (The Hit Parade)
Joyce Hahn (The Hit Parade)
Jack Kane (The Jack Kane Show)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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