Murder Most Likely (TV Movie) (1999)

Murder Most Likely
Murder Most Likely is a chilling two-hour television movie starring Paul Gross, based on the book "The Judas Kiss: The Undercover Life of Patrick Kelly," by Michael Harris. Paul Gross plays former RCMP Undercover Agent "Patrick Kelly" who, in 1981, was accused of causing the mysterious death of his wife. Managing to elude the authorities, Kelly married his second wife, and continued to live the extravagant lifestyle he so desperately desired. However, in 1984, based on the testimony of a key witness, Kelly was finally convicted of the first-degree murder of his wife, (allegedly by throwing her off the balcony of their luxury high-rise condo). But then a whole ten years later, the witness claimed she lied on the stand.

Paul Gross....Patrick Kelly
Marie-Josée Croze....Marie Cartier
Janine Theriault....April Trent
Tom McCamus....Detective Sean Exley
William B. Davis....Detective Inspector
Dean Gabourie....Tom Kingsford
Kim Huffman....Linda Martin
Stephen Ouimette....Albert Malinson
Martha Burns....Alice Malinson
Beau Starr....Sammy Z
France Gauthier....Emma Cartier
John Henry Canavan....Larry Talbert
Scott Wickware....Jimmy
Ruth Madoc-Jones....Frankie
Tony Munch....Boyfriend
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byClick here to see the profile of this user vicki, May 9, 2007
This movie See's Paul Gross play undercover RCMP officer Patrick Kelly who is accused of killing his wife and this tells the tail. I have to say i really enjoyed this picture very good performances from the actors involved. Sometimes unnerving but it's a story that will keep you truly gripped right to the end very much well worth watching. Enjoy it i know you will.

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