Mr. Showbusiness (Series) (1954-1955)

Canada's "Mr. Showbusiness" was Jack Arthur, whose career had started in vaudeville, who was a violin prodigy, an entertainer on a steamboat, a pit orchestra leader, a theatrical producer, and the producer of the mammoth Grandstand shows at the Canadian National Exhibition. The series, Mr. Showbusiness, had run on radio in the 1953-54 season, and was adapted a year later as a television variety show, broadcast live from Toronto's Studio Four.

The series was cancelled after one season and replaced by the Jackie Rae Show.

Jack Arthur .... Host
Elwood Glover .... Announcer
Robert Christie .... Regular
Sheila Billing .... Regular
Alfie Scopp
Ben Lennick
Sammy Sales
Johnny Moreland
Doreen Hume
Joyce Sullivan
Terry Dale
Wally Koster
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