Mr. Piper (Series) (1963-1965)

Aka: Mister Piper

Mr. Piper
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation purchased this 39-episode children's series from Pied Piper Films Ltd. of Toronto. Host for the show was Toronto opera singer Alan Crofoot.

Each weekly half-hour program consisted of four segments. The first, Tale Time, was a fantasy story using graphics with Crofoot's voice over film as narration. Other segments were Port of Call which presented films about children and events in other lands, Bag of Tricks which featured magic performed by Crofoot, and Animal Farm which told stories with a cast of characters that included Rupert the Cat, Bessie the Bunny, Kookie the Kitten, Harriet Hen, Freddie Frog, Calvin Coon, Charlotte Cow and a rat in miniature barnyard sets.

The series was also sold to the U.K., Australia and New Zealand among others and was seen in reruns in Canada as late as 1978.

Directed by Allan Wargon
Songs and stories written by Allan Blye

Alan Crofoot .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byGORDON, February 5, 2007
This was a great tv program that i well remember when i was a child how i wish it would be brought out on dvd disc of all the 39 episodes so i could enjoy watching them all over again with my own children

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