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Mr. Dressup
The following is an incomplete list of Mr. Dressup episodes.

Mar 25, 1968 - Magic Pictures. Mr. Dress-Up has a surprise for Casey and Miss Biss and Finnegan— he shows them how he can roller skate in the yard. Also, Mr. Dress-Up tells the story of Walter the Worm.

Mar 26, 1968 - The Guitar. Mr, Dress-Up makes a double bass for himself and a guitar for Casey. Alex Laurier guests on the show, playing his guitar and singing the Lollipop song and Turkey song.

Mar 27, 1968 - The Magic Word. Mr. Dress-Up performs little pantomimes and Casey guesses what magic words should be said. Mr. Dress-Up reads the book "What Do You Say Dear?"

Mar 28, 1968 - The Milkman. Sandy makes pictures from milk bottle tops and Mr. Dress-Up makes a village of milk jugs.

Mar 29, 1968 - The Robot. Mr. Dress-Up and Sandy act out the story of Red Riding Hood and Mr. Dress-Up finds a robot costume in his trunk.

Apr 28, 1969 - A trained flea performs tricks.

Apr 29, 1969 - Bimbo the clown performs magic.

May 1, 1969 - A turtle and a rabbit have a race.

May 25, 1969 - Susan makes a paper-plate clock.

May 26, 1969 - Finnegan's friend Shaggledy visits.

May 27, 1969 - Dressup finds a strange magic box.

May 29, 1969 - Dressup opens the tickle trunk.

Jun 9, 1969 - Casey becomes a giant. (Rerun)

Jun 10, 1969 - The gang climbs a mountain. (Rerun)

Jun 12, 1969 - An Australian swagman pays Dressup a visit. (Rerun)

Jun 13, 1969 - Building box furniture. (Rerun)

Jun 30, 1969 - A rag doll comes to life. (Rerun)

Jul 2, 1969 - A visit from Puss-in-Boots. (Rerun)

Jul 3, 1969 - Dressup makes a wind bottle. (Rerun)

Jul 4, 1969 - The pandas learn a new game. (Rerun)

Sep 13, 1971 - Meeting a neighbor. (Repeat)

Sep 14, 1971 - Learning to listen. (Repeat)

Sep 15, 1971 - Mending a broken doll. (Repeat)

Sep 16, 1971 - A story about a fairy. (Repeat)

Sep 17, 1971 - A puppeteer visits. (Repeat)

Oct 23, 1972 - A lesson in growing up.

Oct 24, 1972 - The story of the Canadian beaver.

Oct 25, 1972 - Planning a camping trip.

Oct 26, 1972 - All about dreams and reality.

Oct 27, 1972 - Casey learns to respect animals.

Sep 10, 1973 - Seventh-season opener: Casey learns not to fear imaginary monsters.

Sep 11, 1973 - Casey goes to nursery school.

Sep 12, 1973 - How to make a walking doll.

Sep 13, 1973 - Water and its uses are shown.

Sep 14, 1973 - Mr. Dressup remembers his boyhood.

Sep 9, 1974 - A trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Sep 10, 1974 - What to wear to a costume party.

Sep 11, 1974 - A show about traveling.

Sep 12, 1974 - The story of a brave girl.

Sep 13, 1974 - Learning to take care of others

Sep 20, 1976 - (morning) A show about dreaming.

Sep 20, 1976 - (afternoon) A show about beautiful sounds.

Sep 21, 1976 - (morning) A show about night sounds and people who have night jobs.

Sep 21, 1976 - (afternoon) Casey and Mr. Dressup spend some time alone together.

Sep 22, 1976 - (morning) Having an interesting job.

Sep 22, 1976 - (afternoon) Saying "hello" in different languages.

Sep 23, 1976 - (morning) A visit to the eye doctor.

Sep 23, 1976 - (afternoon) People are suited for certain jobs.

Sep 24, 1976 - (morning) Attending a marionette show.

Dec 20, 1976 - (morning) Faces — The Indian legend 'how the birds got their colors' is told, and Mr. Dressup and Casey talk about the many colored faces in the world.

Dec 20, 1976 - (afternoon) The Nightingale - the story of the Emperor and the Nightingale is acted out by Mr. Dressup, Casey and special guest, singer Beth Anne Cole. (Repeat)

Dec 21, 1976 - The Baseball Game - Casey plays baseball with Aunt Bird and Poco in the garden (Repeat)

Dec 22, 1976 - The Taylor's Dummy - Everyone uses their imagination today when Mr. Dressup's costumes look as if they've come alive.

Dec 24, 1976 - The Lion and the Doll. Mr. Dressup and Casey give a special present to Glover and Glover has a surprise for Casey.

Jan 17, 1977 - (morning) Learning about different kinds of strings. Also: visiting a harpist.

Jan 17, 1977 - (afternoon) A play about the Queen of Hearts.

Jan 18, 1977 - A show about talking over a problem.

Jan 19, 1977 - Finnegan, Casey and Mr. Dressup are bakery chefs.

Jan 20, 1977 - Learning clown tricks and playing special instruments.

Jan 21, 1977 - A show about trying to cure Finnegan of chasing cats.

Feb 21, 1977 - (morning) Candles and Flowers

Feb 21, 1977 - (afternoon) Finnegan's Dog Show - Finnegan takes Casey and Beth Ane to an animal fair and when they return, Finnegan decides to have his own kind of dog show for Mr. Dressup in the garden.

Apr 4, 1977 - Learning about wearing glasses.

Apr 5, 1977 - A story about a musical party.

Apr 6, 1977 - Finding a lost bird.

Apr 7, 1977 - A story about old dusty toys.

Apr 8, 1977 - Learning about milk.

Aug 1, 1977 - Pretending to be grown up.

Aug 2, 1977 - Small creatures, including bugs and beetles.

Aug 3, 1977 - People move about in different ways.

Aug 4, 1977 - Hester the witch meets a magician.

Aug 5, 1977 - Mexican treats and songs.

Oct 31, 1977 - Making an African costume.

Dec 12, 1977 - (afternoon) Supposing chores could get done by themselves.

Jan 9, 1978 - (afternoon) Strings, Beautiful Strings - Casey, Finnegan and Mr. Dressup talk about all kinds of strings and they go to visit harpist, Erica Goodman.

Jan 10, 1978 - (morning) Nothing is Impossible - Guest star Peter Appleyard joins Mr. Dressup, Casey and Finnegan in a play called "Nothing is Impossible".

Jan 11, 1978 - (morning) Mr. Barry's Cat - Casey has a pleasant surprise when Mr. Dressup lets him babysit with Mr. Barry's new little kitten in Mr. Dressup's garden.

Jan 12, 1978 - (morning) Mud Troubles - There's too much noise when we see the street in front of Mr. Dressup's being dug up, so we go off to the forest park with Mr. Dressup and the kids.

Jan 13, 1978 - (morning) Dog in the Pile - Today a mischievious dog and the cleverest raven take part in the show.

Jan 23, 1978 - (morning) Al Wakes Up - Cooler days are a problem for Alligator Al but the help of his friends, and his own great voice, he finds a solution.

Jan 23, 1978 - (afternoon) The Laundry Day - Mr. Barry meets Casey and Finnegan in Mr. Dressup's garden and has fun playing laundry day with them.

Jan 24, 1978 - Four Clowns - Casey tries playing with Beverly's special instruments while Beverly learns some clown tricks from Mr. Dressup.

Jan 25, 1978 - Star Flower - Mr. Dressup makes Casey a corn husk doll and they all act out the Indian legend of the first water lily.

Jan 26, 1978 - Nan Stewart - Casey meets Nan Stewart, a grandmother, who likes to play hide and seek in the park. Then they all go back to have tea with Finnegan and Mr. Dressup.

Jan 27, 1978 - Backyard Party - Susan has a backyard party for some of her little friends so Mr. Dressup and Casey start to plan one too.

Mar 27, 1978 - "The Emperor's New Clothes."

Mar 28, 1978 - Iroquois Village - Casey learns about the Iroquois people and the games that Indian children play.

Mar 29, 1978 - Another Windy Day - It's a windy day and Casey has nothing to do. Then Susan drops by for a visit and she and Mr. Dressup turn the tide with some imagination and they all have fun.

Mar 30, 1978 - Little Boat Adventure - Special guest Roy Rotsyth and his dory make for adventures as Mr. Dressup learns to sail toy boats.

Mar 31, 1978 - Mr. Barry Learns a Lessons - It is very important for people to get along as Mr. Barry learns when he babysits for Mr. Dressup.

May 1, 1978 - (morning) Take Good Care of Yourself - Like most kids, Casey hates to have his hair washed, but with Mr. Dressup's help, he learns to quite enjoy it.

May 1, 1978 - (afternoon) Bobby and Freddy - Mr. Dressup makes Aunt Bird a special see through bird picture while Casey plays with his imaginary friend Bobby.

May 2, 1978 - (morning) Make Your Own Fun Fair - Beth Anne has a cart with her 'Make Your Own Fun Fair' and Mr. Dressup and his friends enjoy everything she brings on it.

May 3, 1978 - (morning) Backwards Again - Casey's always getting his shoes on backwards, but Mr. Dressup helps him out today.

May 4, 1978 - (morning) Some days Everything Goes Wrong -Somedays things can go wrong, but everything turns out to be happy when Poco comes to visit with Mr. Dressup, Casey and Finnegan.

May 5, 1978 - (morning) The Friendly Dragon - It's a friendly dragon who lives in a castle when Beth Anne comes to visit with Mr. Dressup today.

Jun 5, 1978 - "The Street Worker" (R)

Jun 7, 1978 - "Wishes and More Wishes" (R)

Jun 8, 1978 - "Casey's Own Book" (R)

Jun 9, 1978 - "Mud Troubles" (R)

Apr 7, 1979 - Casey's Own Book- Casey's very own book is finished about his Ten Wishes. Mr. Dress up reads it and they remember some of the wishes that came true.

May 19, 1979 - Fun With Just One Box. Casey is disappointed because Mr. Dressup can't take him out for the day, but Poco comes to visit and Casey has more fun than ever.

May 21, 1979 - One Sheep Sang Cock-A-Doodle-Doo.

May 23, 1979 - Music Box Collection. When Beth Ann visits Mr. Dressup today, she brings a surprise collection of music boxes.

May 25, 1979 - (morning) Frog on the Bus. The magic of Hester the Witch surprises Casey and Mr Dressup as she makes time fly and buses appear.

May 25, 1979 - (afternoon) Nan Stewart- Casey meets Nan Stewart, a grandmother, who likes to play hide and seek in the park today. They all go back to have tea with Finnegan and Mr Dressup. (R)

Jun 2, 1979 - Blowin' In The Wind. On a windy day Mr Dressup and his friends find fun and surprises among the laundry on the line.

Jun 4, 1979 - "Patches." Finnegan finds a very special friend today who was lost, but Mr Dressup and Susan know how to find her owner after Finnegan discovers how important a smile can be.

Jun 5, 1979 - Everything has a shape. Mr. Dressup and Casey have fun making pictures with circles and building blocks.

Jun 6, 1979 - Marina and Warren. Marina is a young deaf friend of Casey's. Sha and her teacher, Warren, come to visit today.

Jun 7, 1979 - No Pet for Al. Alligator Al wishes he could keep a pet in the Trading Post.

Jun 8, 1979 - (morning) Magic Blue. Hester the Witch has trouble with her flying bathtub and then takes Mr. Dressup and Casey on a magic adventure to visit a jet airport.

Jun 8, 1979 - (afternoon) Telephones aren't Toys. Learning how to use the telephone properly is important, as we see when Mr Dressup tells a new story about the emergency at the zoo.

Jul 14, 1979 - The Great Mix and His Bubble Dance

Jul 16, 1979 - The Do's and the Don'ts.

Jul 17, 1979 - The Energy Shortage.

Jul 18, 1979 - Lorna Glover comes to visit and play her her violin.

Jul 19, 1979 - The Hatman and the Captain.

Jul 20, 1979 - (morning) Surprise, Surprise.

Jul 20, 1979 - (afternoon) First Aid. Both Mr. Dressup and Casey have a few little accidents today.

Aug 27, 1979 - "The Treasure Hunt." Beth Anne has set up a treasure hunt for Casey, Finnegan and Mr. Dressup

Aug 28, 1979 - "Tin Bangers and Spoon Lickers." Everybody joins in when Mr. Dressup and his friends walk in the wedding procession of the rag doll.

Aug 29, 1979 - "It's OK To Be Different"

Aug 30, 1979 - "Working Together." Learning how to work together can be fun.

Aug 31, 1979 - (morning) "Poco's Birthday Book." Casey and Mr. Dressup remember things that have happened to Poco and make a birthday book for him about those times.

Aug 31, 1979 - (afternoon) "Raven Re-visited." Raven visits Mr Dressup and his friends and tries to imitate human people

Sep 4, 1979 - Taking Care - It's a taking care day and everyone's concerned about taking care of someone or something. (repeat)

Oct 8, 1979 - When It's Springtime. Mr Dressup and Casey have lots of fun doing things that make us think of springtime.

Oct 9, 1979 - Magic Blue. Hester the witch has trouble with her flying bathtub and then takes Mr. Dressup and Casey on a magic adventure to visit a jet airport.

Oct 10, 1979 - A Fancy Party. A fancy party is always fun, even today.

Oct 11, 1979 - All Kinds of People. Mr Dressup and Casey have friends of all colors and races, and this makes them happy.

Oct 12, 1979 - Banana Bird. Poco visits Mr. Dressup and his friends and brings music magic and a bird story.

Oct 15, 1979 - A Time For Quiet, A Time For Noise - Sometimes a neighborhood is quiet and sometimes it's noisy, but it's never dull at Mr Dressup's. Guest today is Beverly Glen-Copeland.

Oct 16, 1979 - The Return of Miss Giggle

Oct 17, 1979 - Frog On The Bus. The magic of Hester the witch surprises Casey and Mr. Dressup as she makes time fly and buses appear.

Oct 18, 1979 - The Massage Parlour. Casey decides to give massages today.

Oct 19, 1979 - "Patches." (R)

Nov 19, 1979 - "Lunch For Susan"

Nov 22, 1979 - "Funny Little Faces"

Nov 23, 1979 - "Fun and Frolic"

May 19, 1980 - Lunch for Susan — Susan comes back from holidaying by the ocean on the east coast with surprises for everyone, and they meet Casey's favourite friend. Blinkey the Airplane.

Jun 23, 1980 - Sharing Isn't Easy" Sharing isn't always easy, but Mr. Dressup helps Casey find out ways that can make it fun.

Aug 4, 1980 - "When It's Cold"

Aug 6, 1980 - "Three Kinds of Soup"

Aug 7, 1980 - "Futz in the Studio"

Aug 8, 1980 - "It's Hot"

Oct 27, 1980 - Today Casey learns more about the canoe and the adventures of Canada's early explorers.

Dec 22, 1980 - Casey finds out about the first wheel and then goes to a pretend drive-in movie.

Jan 1, 1981 - Susan comes back from holidaying by the ocean on the east coast with surprises for everyone and they meet Casey's favorite friend, Blinkey and Airplane.

Jan 13, 1981 - Today, fun with rabbits.

Jan 15, 1981 - A visit with Mr. Musicman, Don Himes; and Casey and Finnegan watch as a little piano mouse chases its lunch in a special musical game performed by Mr. Musicman at the piano.

Jan 16, 1981 - There are lots of nice sounds today when musician Eric Nagler comes to visit.

Jan 23, 1981 - An apple doll comes as a surprise for Mr. Dressup and Casey. It reminds them of the story about the Silly Song.

Jan 30, 1981 - Today, Beth Anne plays a joke on everyone.

Feb 2, 1981 - Susan and Mr. Dressup make a totem pole and tell the story of the first totem tree.

Feb 3, 1981 - Casey and Finnegan have an argument but Mr.Dressup knows they'll work it out and be friends again.

Feb 5, 1981 - Grandpa DiSanto gets a very special gift from Mr. Dressup and Casey. Today's special guest is Tom Mackan.

Feb 6, 1981 - Jewish folk songs are a special feature today, when singer Beth Anne Cole visits Mr. Dressup.

Feb 11, 1981 - Fun with locks and keys and a story about the Troll of the Locks and Keys.

Feb 13, 1981 - Mr. Dressup takes care of some clothes and makes a button hum. He draws some funny bugs for Casey and then they pretend to be one.

Feb 19, 1981 - Casey, Finnegan and Mr. Dressup hear some new native songs, and learn from guest Colleen Loucks about her trip visiting reservations up north.

Feb 20, 1981 - Mr Dressup and his friends are surprised by snow and a snowman has to sneeze.

Apr 20, 1981 - What happens to the corn seeds and the straw when Mr. Dressup acts out a mystery story?

Apr 21, 1981 - Mr Dressup and Casey meet a very unusual guest when Bluma arrives with her special dolls and songs from around the world

Apr 22, 1981 - Casey knows why you shouldn't play with electrical kitchen helpers.

Apr 24, 1981 - Join everyone on a pretend camping trip today.

Jun 1, 1981 - A scared little mouse gets help from the King of Mice and others today.

Jun 2, 1981 - Learning to be patient today, with special guest Grandpa Di Santo (actor Tom Mackan).

Jun 3, 1981 - Actress Bibi Caspari comes to visit and performs for Casey and Mr. Dressup.

Jun 4, 1981 - Mr. Dressup shows Casey how to put together a soap boat and then we watch Mr. Dressup skipping in the garden for Casey and Finnegan.

Jun 5, 1981 - There are button-pollywogs in Casey's pond and Captain Dressup sails a blanket boat.

Jun 9, 1981 - Some things are for keeping and some things are for giving away.

Jun 10, 1981 - Mr. Dressup makes the tree house into a house boat when Alligator Al comes to visit.

Jun 12, 1981 - Mr. Dressup and Casey tell a story about how important it is to know how to take care of your pet.

Jun 29, 1981 - A stranger from the Land of Green visits Mr. Dressup and his friends and learns about the ways of human people.

Jun 30, 1981 - When things go wrong Mr. Dressup and Casey feel blue, but they soon find things that make them say "hoorah for today".

Jul 1, 1981 - Find out today about Casey's string collection and a surprise delivery.

Jul 2, 1981 - Susan has a special movie about astronauts walking and riding on the moon to show Casey and Finnegan, and we all go to the moon to meet Tops, the moon dog.

Jul 3, 1981 - Poco visits Mr. Dressup and his friends and brings music, magic and a bird story.

Aug 10, 1981 - Mr Dressup, Casey and Susan act out different kinds of workers.

Aug 11, 1981 - Barber Shop

Aug 12, 1981 - Music Everywhere

Aug 14, 1981 - The Department Store

Dec 24, 1981 - "Mr Dressup Christmas." (Special) Mr Dressup and puppet friends Casey, Finnegan and Aunt Bird eagerly await the arrival of Santa Claus from their country farm house. Special guests helping in the preparations of the big event include young actress/singer Cree Summer Francks, pianist Dom Himes, dancers Martine Lamy and Owen Montague of Canada's National Ballet School and a group of young carolers from the Canadian Opera Company. Songs include Jingle Bells, Deck The Halls, We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. The program also includes Mr. Dressup giving a reading of T'Was The Night Before Christmas. Martine Lamy and Owen Montague dance the Pas de Deux from Sleeping Beauty.

Aug 23, 1982 - "Ookie Spooky"

Aug 24, 1982 - "Lilly Lamb"

Aug 25, 1982 - "Starship"

Aug 26, 1982 - "Grandpa Di Santo Chooses A Pet"

Aug 27, 1982 - "Casey's Gone Away With Finnegan"

Dec 24, 1982 - "Mr Dressup Christmas." (R)

Sep 12, 1983 - "Postal Blues"

Sep 14, 1983 - "Cowboys"

Sep 15, 1983 - "Giving Things."

Sep 16, 1983 - "Good As New"

Dec 20, 1987 - MR. DRESSUP SPECIAL DAY. The fun starts when a magical umbrella floats into Mr. Dressup's home and whisks Mr. Dressup, Casey and Finnegan to an enchanted place called the Land of Surprises.

Dec 24, 1993 - MR. DRESSUP - A CHRISTMAS PARTY Truffles, Amie and Jim Parker join Mr. Dressup for Chester's Christmas party at the Trading Post.

?, 1994 - (Special) "Mr. Dressup's 25th Anniversary Special: A Blast From the Past." A celebration of the first 25 of the popular Canadian children's show "Mr. Dressup". In this show, Mr. Dressup is accidentally sent back in time to the early days of his TV Shows and must return to the present to make a phone call to Casey and Finnegan who are now attending Kindergarten with their creator Judith Lawrence in British Columbia. While his computer phone attempts to contact Casey & Finnegan it manages to pick up birthday messages from several celebrities wishing Mr. Dressup "Happy Birthday."

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