Mount Royal (Series) (1988)

Aka: Mont-Royal

Mount Royal
Mount Royal was about a wealthy family of French-Canadians who lived in a palatial home in the upper reaches of Montreal and had a second home in Paris. The father, Andre Valeur, had risen from humble origins to become one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. His wife Katherine was disowned by her wealthy WASP family for marrying the then-upstart French-Canadian. They had three children. Danielle was a TV journalist who had rebelled against the world she grew up in and whose work often brought her into conflict with the rich and powerful, including her father. Their son, Rob, worked in the family business but was more interested in the city's nightlife. The youngest daughter, Stefanie, was her father's favourite, a fashion model who had become an overnight sensation in Paris.

At $17 million, Mount Royal was at the time the most expensive TV project in Canadian history. It was filmed in Montreal and Paris and was an official Canada/France co-production, produced by Alliance Entertainment Corporation in association with the CTV Television Network Ltd., Societe Radio Canada, SFP (France) and with the participation of Telefilm Canada. A french-dubbed version of the series was shown on Radio-Canada.

Patrick Bauchau .... André Valeur
Domini Blythe .... Katherine Valeur
Catherine Colvey .... Danielle Valeur
Jonathan Crombie .... Rob Valeur
Guylaine St-Onge .... Stéphanie Valeur
Monique Mercure .... Solange Valeur
Pier Kohl Paquette .... Roland Valeur
Marcel Sabourin....Gilbert Valeur
Émile Genest .... Vincent Valeur

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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