Mosquito Lake (Series) (1989)

Mosquito Lake
Mosquito Lake was a CBC sitcom about a former math teacher who has decided to pack in the urban life. Bob Harrison lived at Mosquito Lake with his requisite situation comedy family: long-suffering wife Rita and two irreverent, wisecracking kids Brian and Tara. The Harrisons were joined by George, their beer-swilling next-door neighbor; and the man-hungry Ramona, who ran the local marina with her brother Kenny.

The series was cancelled before all the episodes were broadcast, and the CBC aired the six unseen episodes in the early summer of 1991.

Mike MacDonald .... Bob Harrison
Mary Long....Rita Harrison
Tara (Charendoff) Strong....Tara Harrison
Bradley Machry .... Brian Harrison
Dan Redican .... George
Maria Vacratsis .... Ramona
Eric Keenleyside .... Kenny
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