More Tears (Miniseries) (1998)

The successor to Ken Finkleman's comedy/satire "The Newsroom" takes a darker, and more surrealistic take on the media and even life itself...

Finkleman also starred in the series as George Findlay, the same character he had played in The Newsroom. In More Tears, Findlay was now a documentary producer, who readily manipulated his documentary subjects in order to create better television. The show also explored Findlay's personal life, including his unhappy marriage and extramarital affairs.

Ken Finkleman....George Findlay
Harant Alianak....Shaffik
Yank Azman....Larry Golden
Michael Capellupo....Michael
Robin D. Cook....Robin
Arsinée Khanjian....Andrea (The Wife)
Larissa Laskin....The Artist
Eugene Lipinski....Producer
Elisa Moolecherry....Network Executive
Leah Pinsent....Diane
Janine Theriault....Fashion Critic
Lou Thornton....Nikki
Kenny Vadas....Steve
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