Episode Guide - Money Makers (Series) (1975-1979)

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Sep 19, 1976 - Season debut. This discussion series on business and labor topics opens a second season with an examination of possible unionization of banking employees in Canada. Also: a look at the carnival-midway business. David Taller and Judy Waytiuk are co-hosts.

Jan 23, 1977 - Relationship of the cost of housing for a young working couple to incomes, mortgage and interest rates and also real estate agents' and lawyers' fees.

Jan 30, 1977 - An examination of the factors that contribute to the high cost of housing.

Feb 13, 1977 - An examination of private and public land bank assemblages for proposed and future housing developments.

Feb 20, 1977 - Today: condominiums - high rise and townhouse, are the alternatives to single family houses.

Feb 27, 1977 - Subject is co-op housing, another alternative that is gaining popularity in the face of the disappearing single family house.

Mar 6, 1977 - A look at what the future holds for the housing industry and for the prospective buyer.

Sep 25, 1977 - Season debut. This series on business, finance and economics enters its third season with a greater emphasis on how current issues affect contemporary life styles. In this program, members of the Economic Council and Conference Board of Canada discuss the difficulty of economic forecasting.

Oct 2, 1977 - Topic: running a small business in a slumping economy.

Oct 16, 1977 - Scheduled: Ed Broadbent, Federal leader of the New Democratic Party, discusses his party's remedies for the slumping Canadian economy.

Dec 11, 1977 - Scheduled topics: the state of Canada's economy as seen by a securities analyst; corporate logos and their effect on sales. Also: the Oldsmobile diesel car is compared with diesels made by Mercedes and Volkswagen.

Jan 22, 1978 - Two subjects today: Sunset Laws and Zero Based Budgeting.

Mar 26, 1978 - Co-host Judy Waytiuk reports on the Commodity Exchange in Winnipeg, now in the process of recovering from a long decline; Story Editor Gary Weiss reports on the Canadian success story of Dixie Lee Chickens, a fast food operation that in some parts of Canada is rivalling the growth of Col. Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Apr 23, 1978 - Scheduled topics include the outlook for the declining Canadian dollar. Hosts: David Tafler and Judy Waytiuk.

Apr 30, 1978 - Taxes - the whole story on income tax, how much we pay and what the government does with the money. With Judy Waytiuk.

May 7, 1978 - A report on Federal and provincial government intervention in plans to increase secondary manufacturing in the Maritimes. Also: David Deacon, publisher of Political Alert, discusses the methods behind his economic and political predictions.

May 28, 1978 - Reports on the sugar industry; and Buchans, Nfld., a town that might lose its principal employer if the local smelter closes down. David Tafler is the series host.

Oct 22, 1978 - Consumer Price Index - What it is and how it affects people in various income groups; and Fish Lady - a look at the successful business run by Toronto's Anne Marten who zeroed in on the gourmet food market and starting with almost nothing, now has a thriving operation supplying airlines and major hotels with smoked fish. Series introduced by Harry Mannis, with host/interviewer Phil Mathias.

Dec 16, 1978 - Scheduled topics include a look at a business in Cobourg, Ont., that converts standard vans into campers.

Dec 24, 1978 - Father Gregory Baum talks about the Roman Catholic Church's financial condition, and Gary Weiss examines moneymaking schemes revolving around diets.

Jan 28, 1979 - Morris Kester, president of a company which predicts the weather up to three months in advance, and advertiser-turned-farmer Lyon Sleigh are interviewed.

Feb 4, 1979 - Story of Morris Kestor who heads up a business called Weather X Consultants which sells Weather forecasts up to three months related to specific areas.

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