Money Makers (Series) (1975-1979)

Aka: Moneymagazine; Money Magazine; Moneymakers

The CBC combined two programs, Payday and Dollars And Sense, to produce the only TV series seen coast to coast on business, finance and economic topics. The magazine format combined film features, interviews, and discussions, and the show was assembled on the Saturday for a Sunday air date for maximum topicality.

For the final season, 1978-79, the show's title was changed to Moneymagazine.

Arthur Vaile....Host (1975-1976)
Sheldon Turcotte....Host (1975-1976)
Irv Lutsky....Host (1975-1976)
David Tafler....Host (1976-1978)
Judy Waytiuk....Co-Host (1976-1978)
Phil Mathias....Host (1978-1979)
Harry Mannis....Host (1978-1979)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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