Monet: Shadow and Light (TV Movie) (1999)

Monet: Shadow and Light
Monet: Shadow and Light presents a rich portrayal of the trials of a struggling but stubborn Claude Monet and how a boy with budding talent shows him the importance of family. Set in 1869, five years before the Impressionist movement was recognized, 29 year-old Monet paints his view of the world while trying to support his young family with his art. Settling on the Seine near Paris, Monet discovers landscapes and people that inspire his art. Unfortunately, he also has to deal with a lack of understanding from his father, his creditors, and especially from harsh critics whose narrow-minded attitudes thwart acceptance by the art world.

Stuart Hughes....Claude Monet
Trevor Blumas....Daniel Fontaine
Maggie Huculak....Madame Fontaine
Richard Clarkin....Pierre Auguste Renoir
Gordon Masten....Louis Leroy
Genevieve Cocke....Camille Doncieux
Frank Fontaine....Monet Senior
William Beaulieu....Jean Doncieux
Tristan Beaulieu....Jean Doncieux
Walter Massey....Leduc
Jean-Jacques Blanchet....Seurin
Jason Tremblay....Luc
James Harrington....Jacques
Alex Ivanovici....Sisley
Martin Neufeld....Pissarrro
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