Mona the Vampire (Series) (1999-2003)

Mona the Vampire
Mona the Vampire is a series based on the story books by Sonia Holleyman. Mona, a little girl with an overactive imagination, who invents the world around her as she goes along.

When there's a ghoulish mystery to solve, she becomes Mona the vampire. She has a nose for sniffing out the strange and the supernatural ÁV the special power to bring others along the ride. With the help of her sidekick Fang, the Vampire cat, she tracks down the bizarre solutions to the baffling mysteries plaguing her town.

Emma Taylor-Isherwood....Mona Parker
Justin Bradley....Charley 'Zapman' Bones I
Oliver Grainger....George Jamell II
Carrie Finlay....Lily 'Princess Giant' Duncan
Tia Caroleo....Angela Smith
Marcel Jeannin....Mona's Dad
Carole Jeghers....Mona's Mom
Jennifer Seguin....Madeleine Gotto
Gary Jewell....Officer Halcroft
Louis Negin....Reverend Gregory
Sonja Ball....Madge Bryerson
John Stocker....Mayor Rosenbaum
Richard Dumont....Officer Halcroft II
Holly G. Frankel....Belinda
James Harbour....George Jamell II
Stephen Spreekmeester....Principal Shawbly II

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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