Mom P.I. (Series) (1990-1992)

Aka: Mom, P.I.

Mom P.I.
Mom P.I. was a CBC comedy/drama following the adventures of Sally Sullivan, who figured to make a few extra bucks by helping private investigator Bernie Fox solve cases. Rosemary Dunsmore starred as Sally, the intuitive, single mother of two pre-adolescents working as a waitress in a Vancouver cafe. Stuart Margolin played the hard-nosed, time-warped private investigator recovering from a heart attack. Other cast included Blu Mankuma who played tough cafe owner Johnny Beaumont. Emily Perkins and Shane Meier played Sally's kids, Marie and Ray.

Written and Created by Chris Haddock
Producers: Jonathan Goodwill, Chris Haddock
Executive Producer: Michael MacMillan

Produced by Invisible Ink Productions, in conjunction with Atlantis Films and the CBC.

Rosemary Dunsmore .... Sally Sullivan
Stuart Margolin .... Bernard Fox
Shane Meier .... Ray Sullivan
Emily Perkins .... Marie Sullivan
Freda Perry .... Nadine
Blu Mankuma .... Johnny Beaumont
Robert Ito .... Books Monahan

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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