Modern Canadian Poetry (Series) (1967)

A series of thirteen, half-hour programs on CBC, Modern Canadian Poetry was originally scheduled for broadcast in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Phyllis Webb introduced readings and interviews with a healthy selection of writers who represented the span of poetry in Canada since the 1940s: Irving Layton, Earle Birney, bp Nichol, Margaret Avison, Al Purdy, Michael Ondaatje, Robert Hogg, Gwendolyn MacEwan, Joe Rosenblatt, F.R. Scott, Margaret Atwood, Roy Kiyooka, James Reaney, Victor Coleman, P.K. Page, Harry Howith, George Bowering, Raymond Souster, Miriam Waddington, Bill Bissett, A.J.M. Smith, Louis Dudek, Michael Gnarowski, George Johnston, Leonard Cohen, and Dorothy Livesay.

Phyllis Webb....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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