MisteRogers (Series) (1961-64)

Aka: Mister Rogers

Fred Rogers was invited to create a program for the CBC in Canada, which the head of children's programming there dubbed MisteRogers. It was on this series that Rogers made his on-camera debut as the program's host. When he and his wife and two sons returned to Pittsburgh in 1966, he incorporated segments of the CBC into a new series which was distributed by the Eastern Educational Network. This series was called MisteRogers' Neighborhood. In 1968 it was made available for national distribution through the National Educational Television (NET) which later became Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Fred Rogers....Mr. Rogers/King Friday XIII/Daniel Striped Tiger/X the Owl/Henrietta Pussycat
Ernie Coombs....Frog Puppet/Various
Joe Negri....Himself/Handyman Negri

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user helen725, June 5, 2011
Mr. Rogers was a great show, he taught kids about many things without talking down to them like most kids shows did. Mr. Rogers acknowledged that the kids watching his show were intelligent and inquisitive.

I liked it when he would visit various places and showed how things were made.

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