Minikins, The (Series) (1981)

Architect Paul Herman travels to a tropical island to establish its potential as a tourist resort. He doesn't realize that his plans are found out by a tribe of people of only a fraction of the size of normal humans. Three of them decide to hide in his luggage as blind passengers and enlist the Herman family in their efforts to prevent the destruction of their habitat.

The series was was a co-production of Canada's Madison Pacific Films and Germany's Wagner-Hallig Films (who also co-produced Huckleberry Finn and His Friends). Although there is no evidence to suggest the series was ever broadcast anywhere in Canada, the series did air in several European countries.

Cathryn Balk .... Anna Herman
Fiona Brody .... Trudi Herman
Ty Haller .... Paul Herman
Tom Heaton .... Dick Foster
Ian Tracey .... Albi
Jan Riddell .... Dido
Ted Stidder .... Pincus
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