Million Dollar Babies (Miniseries) (1994)

Aka: Les jumelles Dionne (French title)

Million Dollar Babies
The true story of the Dionne quints that shocked 1930's Canada. When a poor rural Ontario family gives birth to quintuplet, the town doctor doesn't waste a second and takes over the family. He helps to take care of the babies but soon turns the babies into a freak show. Not before long the government gets involved and the babies are a multi-million dollar industry. But how can the uneducated couple regain their babies and their lives?

Beau Bridges....Dr. Allan Roy Dafoe
Roy Dupuis....Oliva Dionne
Céline Bonnier....Elzire Dionne
Sean McCann....Premier Mitch Hepburn
Monique Spaziani
James B. Douglas
Ginette Reno....Madame Legros
Domini Blythe....Nurse Lena de Keyzer
Kate Nelligan....Helena Reid
Tod Fennell....Ernest Dionne, 7 yrs.
Tiah-Rosine Coxon....Rose Dionne, 6 yrs.
Martin Drainville....Clovis Dionne
Julia Garland....Therese Dionne, 5 yrs.
Sebastien Duguay....Daniel Dionne, 3 yrs.
Renée Girard....Madame Lebel
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byjocelyne, January 20, 2007
i would like to know more about this story,
I have alots of interest in this real story

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