Milgaard (TV Movie) (1999)

Aka: Hard Time: The David Milgaard Story

This film tells the story of David Milgaard, who was charged and convicted for a brutal rape & murder he did not commit. Sentenced to life imprisonment, he must struggle to survive in his years in prison, while his family and two crusading lawyers struggle to prove his innocence.

Ian Tracey....David Milgaard
Gabrielle Rose....Joyce Milgaard
Tom Melissis....David Asper
Garwin Sanford....Hersh Wolch
Hrothgar Mathews....Gill St. George
Robyn Driscoll....John Rainey
Jaimz Woolvett....Ron Wilson
Sabrina Grdevich....Nichol Johns
Bernie Coulson....Shorty Cadrain
Joseph Griffin....Larry Fisher
Reagan Pasternak....Maureen Milgaard
Megan MacArton....Linda Fisher
Pamela Sinha....Sheila Harris
Roger Dunn....Doctor Featherstone
Joyce Krenz....Evelyn Culver

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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