Mikado, The (TV Movie) (1984)

The Stratford Festival of Canada did several Gilbert & Sullivan operettas over a number of years, all directed by Brian Macdonald. They manage to keep all the humour and lightness, and discard the stodginess and antiquated creakiness that can creep into more "traditional" presentations. This is a filmed version of a stage performance, and the sets are beautifully spare and economical. The entrance of the Mikado is wondrous, the costumes are glorious, and the performers are really able to act their roles, bringing them to life. Pooh-bah is hilarious, a modern civil servant in Japanese dress, busy scheming how to protect his job and perks. The singing may not be top "opera" quality, but it is more than compensated for by the fine acting and dancing.

Gidon Saks....The Mikado of Japan
Henry Ingram....Nanki Poo
Eric Donkin....Ko Ko
Richard McMillan....Pooh Bah
Allen Stewart-Coates....Pish Tush
Marie Baron....Yum Yum
Karen Wood....Pitti Sing
Karen Skidmore....Peep Bo
Christina James....Katisha
John Keane....Chorus
Avo Kittask....Chorus
Richard March....Chorus
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Gilbert and Sullivan wrote political spoofs and this production has kept that idea complete with a clear portrayal of Trudeau in this production.

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