Meeting Place (Series) (1973-1997)

Aka: Meeting Place: Canadians At Worship

Meeting Place was a series of morning church services from cities, towns and hamlets across Canada. The series tried to represent a wide spectrum of public worship in Canada: Roman Catholic, Anglican United Church, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, Orthodox Catholic (Eastern Rite) and Jewish. Along with the broadcast of the service, it presented a short documentary profile of the church and the activities of its members.

Donald Henderson .... Host (1973-80)
Bruce Alton .... Host (1980-?)
Hope Seeley .... Host (?-1997)
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I really enjoyed this series and was so sorry when it was suddenly taken off the air, even though many more shows were taped for that season. The variety of religious, especially Christian, worship in Canada was brought out in magnificent glory. This is a cultural dimension of Canada invisible to virtually all Canadians, because we either attend no house of worship or are loyal to just one.

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