Medicine Show, The (Series) (1979-1982)

Medicine Show, The
A public affairs show in magazine and documentary format, The Medicine Show applied investigative technique to reports on developments in health care. Among the subjects the show covered were: valium addiction, the treatment of leukemia, agoraphobia, aspirin, health food stores, depression, doctors' housecalls and Montreal's Telemedic service, emergency wards, sports medicine and the roles of doctors in training Olympic athletes, folk medicine and the Salish tribe on the west coast, and cervical cancer. On one show, nurses offered their perspective on health care in Canada. Each program included at least two reports and the results of a poll to gauge Canadians' experiences with doctors and in the health care system.

John Tyson ....Host (1979)
Ken Lefolii ....Host (1980-81)
Henry Comor ....Host (1981-82)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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