Maxie's World (Series) (1987)

Maxie's World
Maxie is a blonde bombshell who has her own show on television in the town of Surfside. Rob also hosts the show along side Maxie. Ferdy and Mushroom are the two geeks that are poked at by Maxie and her friends. Sometimes they get along, but it is rare. Jerry is the snotty girl who is kinda friends with Maxie, and adored by Ferdy and Mushroom. She is always trying to get Rob, but never does.

Loretta Jafelice....Maxie (voice)
Simon Reynolds....Rob
Tara Strong....Carly (voice)
Susan Roman....Ashley
Suzanne Coy....Simone
Nadine Rabinovitch....Jeri
Yannick Bisson....Ferdie (voice)
Geoff Kahnert....Mushroom (voice)
John Stocker....Mr. Garcia (voice)
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