Max Glick (Series) (1990-1991)

Max Glick
Max Glick was a CBC family drama/comedy series based on the 1988 Canadian feature film "The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick." The series followed a 13-year-old protagonist coping with growing up Jewish in a small town (fictional Beausejour). Though few of the movie's cast made the transition to the series, the grandparents (Jan and Susan Rubes) returned as the embodiment of hard-line insular immigrant Judaism. The next generation, Max's parents (Alec Willows, Linda Kash), were coping with the turning of the globe in the pivotal year 1963.

Young Maximilian tried to fit into the multicultural world outside his door, processing the increasingly complex world around him and be his own man at the same time. Jason Blicker played Rabbi Teitelman, a modern-thinking leader of an uneasy Jewish populace. Melyssa Ade played Polish-Catholic Celia Brzjinski, who, while becoming the apple of Max's eye, also raised the problems of interaction out of the ethnocentric Jewish enclave.

Filmed in Agassiz, B.C., and Vancouver.

Melyssa Ade .... Celia Brjynski
Jason Blicker .... Rabbi Teitelman
Josh Garbe .... Max Glick
Linda Kash .... Sarah Glick
Jeremy Radick .... Bobby
Jan Rubes .... Augustus Glick
Susan Douglas Rubes .... Bryna Glick
Alec Willows .... Henry Glick

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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