Matt and Jenny (Series) (1979-1980)

Aka: Matt and Jenny on the Wilderness Trail

Matt and Jenny
Matt and Jenny were two orphaned children from Bristol who arrived in Canada in 1850 in search of an uncle who was supposed to have a farm somewhere in the vast expanse of Canada. They thought they knew where it was - they had a map that put it near Halifax - but they discover only an abandoned farmhouse. The Tanners set out to find their relatives. On the way, the youngsters meet a mysterious gentleman named Adam Cardston and a woodsman named Kit who join the Tanners on the trail west.

Besides being shown in Canada, "Matt and Jenny" was sold to Italy, France and West Germany.

Derrick Jones .... Matt Tanner
Megan Follows .... Jenny Tanner
Duncan Regehr .... Kit
Neil Dainard .... Adam Cardston

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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byClick here to see the profile of this user clay70, June 24, 2012
for your viewing pleasure..Here is one link There are 12 episodes total there..
byClick here to see the profile of this user butcher858, April 23, 2010
They also showed this series in england one year (about1982) when I was on my school summer holidays loved the show and trying really hard to get a copy of the series would love my kids to see it as they are now about the same age as when I got to see it.

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