Material World (Series) (1990-1993)

Material World
Material World started as a situation comedy about a young fashion designer, Kitty Reeves, who was anxious to establish herself in the fashion industry. In the first season, Kitty wanted to start her own business but couldn't break away from her grandfather Popsi, an industry veteran. The first season of episodes was shot as a sitcom, videotaped in front of a live audience. The audience was sent packing after the first season and the three-camera video setup was replaced by film and one camera for a more intimate look, beginning the transformation of the series into a dramedy. In season two, Popsi was retired from his tailoring business and turned the entire operation of Classy Fashions over to Kitty. In season three, ex-MuchMusic VJ Angela Dohrmann joined the cast as Kitty's free-spirited friend as did James Kee as her no-nonsense business partner. By the fourth and final season, Kitty and Angela were roommates as well as best friends. Kitty sold her fashion business and bought a dress shop on Toronto's trendy Queen Street.

Bob Wiseman scored the theme music.

Laura Bruneau .... Kitty Reeves
Linda Sorenson .... Virginia "Ginny" Reeves
Jayne Eastwood .... Bernice
Chris Potter .... Tim Lyons
Jack Kruschen .... Fred "Popsi" Avery (Season 1)
Angela Dohrman .... Angela (Season 3 and 4)
James Kee .... Martin Weinstock (Season 3 and 4)
Karen LeBlanc .... Lucy (Season 4)
Richard Davidson .... Moe Weinstock (Season 4)
Bernard Hopkins .... Maurice
Geordie Johnson .... Greg
Kim Coates .... Travis Borden
Jeanne Elias .... Marilyn LaFleur
Suzanne Coy .... Yvonne
Daniel MacIvor .... Christopher Thompson
Nancy Sakovich .... Pam
Lindsay Merrithew .... Andy
Kate Trotter .... Marie
Rebecca Kinton .... Kalamity
Andrew Miller .... Robbie
Barclay Hope .... Don Kastner
Tracy Wright .... Karen

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user tofanont, January 16, 2010
I vividly remember this show---there were many classic/ground breaking episodes--Kitty's friendship with an HIV+ young man and the prejudice he had to experience/Kitty's best friend being abused by her husband to be on the eve of her wedding/Kitty's venture into the world of dating services/and in later episodes her own battle with early breast cancer--well acted, well written---I think it wasn't as well received as it should have been because nobody could find it--it was moved around intermittently and the CBC didn't promote it enough---very unfortunate too because the show was a "gem" and Laura Bruneau portrayal of Kitty was excellent

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