Mary Silliman's War (TV Movie) (1994)

Mary Silliman's War
Mary Silliman's War is a unique, award-winning film on the American Revolution. Shot on location in Nova Scotia, the film relates the true story of a remarkable woman, whose husband, a patriot leader, was kidnapped from their home by a band of tories -- Americans loyal to the King of England. Left to fend for herself and their children as she sought her husband's release, Mary Silliman's story presents the War for Independence in a way that is fresh and engaging to a modern audience. It is based on the biography by Richard and Joy Day Buel, The Way of Duty.

Nancy Palk....Mary Silliman
Richard Donat....Selleck Silliman
Diane D'Aquila....Abby Nash
Paul Boretski....Captain Hawley
Joanne Miller....Amelia
William Colgate....Isaac Bunnel
Tom McCamus....Rev. Elliot
Linda Busby....Esther Clover
Ellis Williams....Peter
Allan Royal....Judge Jones
James B. Douglas
Michael Keating
Brian Babineau
Calhoun Keating-Malay
Simon Richards
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