Mary Cassatt: An American Impressionist (TV Movie) (1999)

Mary Cassatt: An American Impressionist
The story of this fine artist, a trail maker not only for independent women but for impressionist artists, is ably highlighted in this small gem. A surprise visit from her brother and his family has an impact on all, especially the artist. Share this slice of Mary's life with both boys and girls.

Amy Brenneman....Mary Cassatt
Charlotte Sullivan....Katherine Cassatt
Emma Taylor-Isherwood....Elsie Cassatt
Jonathan Koensgen....Robert Cassatt
Noah Shebib....Gilbert
Cary Lawrence....Lois Cassatt
Charles Powell....Alexander Cassatt
Thomas Jay Ryan....Edgar Degas
Danette Mackay....Louisa May Alcott
Jeannie Walker....Mathilde
Jim McNabb....Doctor
Gregoire Dunlevy....Gentleman at Gallery
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