Marvel Superheroes Show, The (Series) (1966)

Aka: Captain America; Incredible Hulk; Iron Man; Mighty Thor; Sub-Mariner

Marvel Superheroes Show, The
In 1966 the very first Marvel cartoons were released. Marvel Superheroes was an umbrella title for five different series. The animation was incredibly basic (little more than still frames from the actual comics with minor animation added) and most of the stories pretty well identical to some of the comics which they had been developed from. Each hero had a total of 13 episodes (each divided into three acts), for a grand total of 65 half hour episodes. The heros were Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Mighty Thor and Sub-Mariner.

Bernard Cowan....Additional Voices (voice)
Peg Dixon....Betty Ross/Pepper Potts/Lady Dorma/Nurse Jane Foster
Paul Kligman....Additional Voices
Arthur Pierce....Captain America/Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Soles....Additional Voices (voice)
John Vernon....The Sub-Mariner/Iron Man (Tony Stark)/Maj. Glenn Talbot (voice)
Chris Wiggins....Thor/Additional Voices (voice)
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