Marketplace (Series) (1972- )

Aka: Market Place

Marketplace, CBC's award-winning consumer affairs program, is one of the highest-rated current affairs shows on CBC. The show is seen Sunday evenings on CBC Television and is repeated throughout the week on CBC Newsworld.

Marketplace first went on the air in 1972, billed as a weekly series "designed to inform and protect the harassed Canadian consumer in this age of spiralling prices, questionable sales practices and insidious small print on iron-clad contracts."

Joan Watson .... Co-host
George Finstad .... Co-host (?-1977)
Harry Brown .... Co-host (1977-1978)
Bill Paul .... Co-host (1978-?)
Erica Johnson
Christine Johnson .... Co-host (?-1987)
Norma Kent .... Co-host (1987-?)
Jacquie Perrin
Jim Nunn

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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