Marc's Grab Bag (Series) (1973-1974)

The setting was a coffee house, and host Marc Stone presented young Canadians who talked about their work in music and other areas of the arts.

Marc Stone, sought to share his show with young musicians like himself as well as creative people in other media. Besides songs written and sung by himself, he presented a rising young pop star, Shirley Eikhard of Oshawa, and actor/comedian Eugene Levy. In later shows, the Grab Bag included comic Valli Bromfield, sketch artist Geraldine Johnson, violinist John Robinson, animator Helen Morency, singer Tony Kosinec, puppeteer Nina Keogh, singer/composer Lisa dal Bello, dancer Vera Beloshisky and filmmaker Mark Shel. The show was backed up by a trio, sidemen Lorne Grossman, Richard Fruchtman and Alan Shiner on piano.

Marc Stone .... Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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