Maniac Mansion (Series) (1990-1993)

Maniac Mansion
Maniac Mansion is a family sitcom about genetic mutation that was produced by Atlantis Films. It aired for three seasons on YTV in Canada and the Family Channel in the United States.

Joe Flaherty .... Dr. Fred Edison
Deborah Theaker .... Casey Edison
Kathleen Robertson .... Tina Edison
Avi Phillips .... Ike Edison
George Buza .... Turner Edison
Mary Charlotte Wilcox .... Idella Muckle Orca
John Hemphill .... Harry the Fly
Mark Wilson .... Richard Pratt (10 episodes)
Patrick Gillen .... Keifer Pratt / Kiefer Pratt (8 episodes)
Wendy Hopkins .... Allasyn Pratt (6 episodes)
Colin Fox .... Edward Edison (4 episodes)
Jayne Eastwood .... Hildie Muckle / Katie / ... (3 episodes)

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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byKaren Spain, March 5, 2007
Thank you for this wonderful website. I have been trying (for years) to remember the name of this funny,funny show so that my daughter can watch.

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