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The following is a partial list of Man Alive episodes.

Mar 24, 1968 - Christianity and Marxism. Host Roy Bonisteel in discussion with Albert van den Heuvel, of the World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland.

Apr 27, 1969 - An interview with Jean-Paul Desbiens, a former monk and author of the book "Les Insolences de Frere Untel." Desbiens spent two years at the Vatican, then left the priesthood for a civil service job in Quebec. A hero to young Quebec revolutionaries in the early sixties, he is now spurned for his belief that today's young people lack a sense of history. Host: Patrick Watson.

May 25, 1969 - Highlights of past shows include a visit with Msgr. Ivan Illich of the Center for Cultural Documentation in Cuernavaca Mexico; and interviews with Dr. Robert McClure, moderator of the United Church of Canada (who talks about his life and philosophy), and astronomer Sir Bernard Lovell, head of Jodrell Bank (who discusses science and religion). Roy Bonisteel is the host.

Jun 8, 1969 - Second of a two part interview with Dr. Robert McClure, moderator of the United Church of Canada. Dr. McClure talks about the role of the moderator and the reasons for his election as a layman. (Rerun)

Jun 29, 1969 - A visit with the Rev. Bruno Hussar, a former Jew who converted to Christianity. Hussar talks about the meeting place he has opened in Jerusalem to foster understanding among Jews, Moslems, and Christians. Roy Bonisteel is the host. (Rerun)

Nov 1, 1971 - From The Ashes: God. The shock of great tragedy causes many to lose faith in God. Eli Weisel, a survivor of the holocaust of Nazi Germany and concentration camps, lost his faith totally. Now, as he retraces his steps, he tells us of his gradual way back to a new, deeper belief and understanding of God.

Jan 8, 1973 - Love and Marriage: Great Expectations (Part One).

Jan 15, 1973 - Love and Marriage: Masculine-Feminine - a group of teens engage sex educator Dr. Mary Calderone in frank, open discussion.

Jan 22, 1973 - Showbiz Christianity - Each week, U.S. evangelist Rex Humbard reaches over three million Canadian TV viewers with his simple, fundamentalist message of faith. Man Alive meets his "family cast" and talks to Humbard about his phenomenal rise from the sawdust trail to the top of the Neilson TV ratings in America.

Jan 29, 1973 - Louis Riel: On the side of the Angels - In a dramatic "hot-seat" confrontation, Louis Riel, Sir John A. MacDonald and other principals in the 1885 hanging of a fiery Metis leader in Manitoba come to life. With Bruno Gerussi as Riel and Robert Christie as Sir John A. Macdonald.

Feb 5, 1973 - For thousands of years, the Holy City of Jerusalem has been the "meeting point" for three of the world's great monotheistic faiths: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Last year Man Alive went to Jerusalem to explore the different aspects of the city and to record the varied impressions of prominent people there.

Feb 13, 1973 - Life Before Birth - Using sophisticated modern techniques of photography, Man Alive delves into the complex secret of life before birth to record an extraordinary sequence of the growing fetus, from conception to viability. Experts in Fetology discuss current research and we learn of studies to determine its vital functions, learning and the effects of outside stimuli.

Feb 21, 1973 - Life Before Birth (Pt. 2) - In the last of its two-part repeat series on prenatal life, program explores the question: When does human life begin?

Mar 5, 1973 - Suffering - Is there redemption in suffering? Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, spiritual head of the Orthodox Church in Britain, discusses points of major concern to many Christians today.

Mar 12, 1973 - HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE A TREE TO GROW HERE? First of a two-part series presented by Man Alive in co-operation with Religious TV Associates of Toronto. Church involvement in development is now an accepted way to "live" the Gospel, but how can the affluent help the poor without offending dignity and creating tensions? This part focuses on rural and urban development in the Philippines. Host is Roy Bonisteel.

Apr 2, 1973 - NO WAY TO SAY NO. The development of a people: Western culture and technology are difficult to resist. In West Irian (the Indonesian part of New Guinea), a leadership training centre sponsored by Protestant churches attempts to bring new ways of thinking to the island's people, many of whom live in stone-age cultures.

Apr 9, 1973 - The Journey Inside. Jean Vanier finds both peace and strength in creative solitude. With host, Roy Bonisteel, he explores the need for meditation.

Apr 16, 1973 - Amidst changing scenes of Toronto, Roy Bonisteel and Bruce McLeod, newly-named moderator of the United Church of Canada, discuss the new role of the church in a society of skyscrapers, moral issues of our decade, strength in family life and other vital topics.

Apr 23, 1973 - Giovanni - Ten years ago, in 1963, the world lost Pope John XXIII, beloved patriarch of the Roman Catholic Church, Tonight, an affectionate look at the profoundly simple man, who despite a short reign, by his warmth, reverence for others, and homely good humor, became one of the most revered Pontiffs in the church's history

Apr 30, 1973 - A People Chosen - Who is a Jew in Israel? In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the State of Israel, this film on Jewish identity examines historical perspectives and problems of the present on location in Israel and with comments by Abba Eban, Israeli foreign minister; former premier David Ben-Gurion, Shlomo Goren, Israeli chief rabbi and others

May 14, 1973 - Tonight, with Toronto naturalist Wayne McLaren, Roy Bonisteel takes his children on a spiritual nature journey

Sep 17, 1973 - A Report on the News - What is the true spiritual and moral climate of this age? This program looks at deeper implications behind news happenings with reports from CBC news correspondents in world capitals.

Sep 24, 1973 - Reflections on a Funhouse Mirror - A look at the built-in limitations and biases of TV and how it alters, for good and bad, our image of ourselves.

Oct 1, 1973 - Look to the Wildwood - Roy Bonisteel and his children go an a spiritual nature-journey with Toronto naturalist Wayne McLaren

Oct 8, 1973 - Asking the Right Questions - Zvi Verblovski and James Saunders, a Jew and a Christian who study and teach religion in Israel, discuss the differences and similarities of the two religions.

Oct 15, 1973 - Faith in Revolution - A look at the Church in Marxist Cuba, until 1960 a nominally Christian society, now becoming increasingly atheistic.

Oct 22, 1973 - Look to the Wildwood - Roy Bonisteel, and his two children go on a spiritual "nature-journey" with Toronto novelist Wayne McLaren.

Nov 5, 1973 - Death Can Be A Friend - Modern medicine has changed the definition and nature of death by its ability to prolong life. Who decides to "pull the plug," and when?

Nov 12, 1973 - Values - Three singular women explore aspects of human values in a three-part series. Tonight, writer Dame Rebecca West, tells of her viewpoint on the transmission of values from one generation to another.

Nov 19, 1973 - Values (Part III) - Han Suyin, in defence of the pursuit of identity in Communist China, argues against the sense of alienation experienced by many Westerners.

Nov 26, 1973 - Values - Barbara Ward, one of the world's leading economists, is concerned with man's survival in the massive rush to technology.

Dec 10, 1973 - Immortality - Man's age old dream, life after death, is examined by a psychologist, a minister, a teacher and a researcher into super-parapsychology.

Dec 17, 1973 - Real Estate and Sacred Space - From Vancouver, a look at the current controversy over plans to demolish Christ Church Cathedral and replace it with an ultra-modern complex

Dec 24, 1973 - Being Alive is Joy - Metropolitan Anthony Bloom of the Russian Orthodox Church in Britain explores the deeper understanding of man's joyous expectations.

Oct 4, 1976 - Your Body - 10th season debut deals with the human body - two yards of mortality and the very image of God, Down through the centuries man has debated and agonized about the body. Is it mere flesh: Or, is it, as Roy Bonisteel discovers, an integral aspect of being alive

Oct 11, 1976 - Very Special People - A Success Story - The Famous People Players move from a Toronto church basement to sharing the stage with Liberace in Las Vegas. The members of this puppet troupe are retarded young people. Liberace and the young people themselves speak of the needs of the retarded for challenge, for self-esteem, for dignity.

Oct 25, 1976 - "Shaping the Future - Science and technology shape
our environment, our society, and all of mankind. Scientists at Chalk River, Canada's nuclear research centre, have invited the best brains in the world to explore this challenge. Man Alive brings Canada's eminent geneticist, Dr. David Suzuki, into the debate. Suzuki asks, ""Are there limits to where man should go with the tools of science?"""

Nov 8, 1976 - Alone: Not Just Me - We are all aware of loneliness gnawing at our lives; it is the disease of our time, and reaching epidemic proportions. Why is this? Is it really a new phenomenon? Is it necessarily alt bad.? In this, the first of two programs on loneliness, people from widely different backgrounds and age-groups share their - personal experiences and understanding of the different dimensions of loneliness.

Nov 22, 1976 - The Rape of the World- A conversation with Barbara Ward. Ms. Ward slashes with wit arid passion at the dragons that devour our world from within. She knows what she is talking about. It's up to us, she says, it's up to all of us - right now.

Nov 29, 1976 - Priesthood for Women - Man Alive focuses on the fact that tomorrow (Nov. 30) Anglican bishops in British Colombia and Ontario will preside over the ordinations of six women into the priesthood. This marks a real breakthrough in the religious community after an intense controversy within the church. Who are these women? Why is priesthood so important to them? Host is Roy Bonisteel

Dec 6, 1976 - Sand, Surf, Sun and Sex - Escape to a dream paradise where the sun always shines and the natives are always friendly. Tourism is the world's fastest growing industry. Mindlessly pursued il can dehumanize the host country, reducing its citizens to a nation of waiters who have forgotten their own culture and identity, If tourists ignore issues of human justice and freedom for the human spirit, resentment and racism will increase and whole populations will be doomed to servile dependency through economic exploitation

Dec 13, 1976 - Prejudice: the Crippling Disease - A Tanzanian immigrant lo Canada is returning home from worship. Suddenly two white youths start to taunt him with racial jokes. They throw him to the subway tracks shattering both his knees. He will never walk normally again.' How can we stem the disease of prejudice? Roy Bonisteel asks psychologist Bruno Bettleheim, who was a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps, and Human Rights commissioner Bruce Mcleod. Roy also interrogates the Western Guard, a group who want to send all colored immigrants back where they came from.

Dec 20, 1976 - Mother Teresa: Love for the Unloved. An intimate portrait of the remarkable woman, hailed as a "living saint" by Time Magazine. Man Alive catches the gaiety, joy, peace and shrewd common sense of Mother Teresa in her mission of love to the unloved. The film documents her special gift of love, not only to the slums of Calcutta, but to Canadians here and now.

Dec 27, 1976 - Getting Together - A conversation with Barbara Ward, who slashes with wit and passion at the dragons that devour our world from within. She knows what she is taIking about. It's up to us, she says, it is up to all of us, right now. Host is Roy Bonisteel.

Jan 10, 1977 - From Bracebridge With Concern - Torture is sanctioned in more than 60 countries of every political ideology, in every part of the globe. We've all heard about torture; all been outraged by it. But the problem is so huge what can one person do? A housewife in the small Ontario town of Bracebridge shows us that protest and concern can accomplish a great deal.

Jan 17, 1977 - A documentary exploring the significance of the Ganges River to the Hindu faith. In January, an estimated nine million pilgrims will flock to the banks of the Ganges to perform religious purification rituals. Roy Bonisteel is the series host.

Jan 31, 1977 - A visit to the Nass Valley in northern B.C. where the natives, the Nishga, are pressing for land claim rights

Feb 7, 1977 - A look at the world of tomorrow with science fiction author, Arthur C. Clarke, who wrote the book 2001.

Feb 14, 1977 - A look at some of the reasons for the escalating rate of incidences of physical assault.

Feb 28, 1977 - A look at Guatemala, one year after an earthquake destroyed a large part of the country.

Mar 7, 1977 - Guest David Suzuki discusses his childhood incarceration in a Second World War Internment camp for Japanese Canadians, his commitment to science, issues at stake in the scientific world and how the ordinary citizen can become involved.

Mar 14, 1977 - Biography of Margarite Bourgeoys, an early Canadian teacher, whose methods of education are still used, in part, in the Province of Quebec today.

Jul 31, 1977 - Repeat of Jan 17, 1977 episode

Aug 7, 1977 - Christianity and Marxist - Pt. 1 - Revolution in Conflict - For one-third of humanity, Communist doctrine is gospel. Historically, Christians and Communists have been bitter enemies. Yet the followers of Jesus Christ and the disciples of Karl Marx are moving from opposition to dialogue, even into common action. Today, a look at what Christians and Communists have in common and what must remain their irreconcilable differences. As the Third World looks around for new solutions and many countries opt for Marx, Man Alive probes the convictions of both faiths.

Sep 11, 1977 - Two persons describe their religious experiences in the second of two parts on "Conversion."

Sep 26, 1977 - In the second of two programs on sexuality and contraception, Germaine Greer calls upon women to stop relying on artificial means of birth control. Greer talks with Roy Bonisteel about the harmful side effects of methods currently in use and about how relationships between men and women have changed since the pill came into widespread use.

Oct 3, 1977 - According to Amnesty International, Christian ministers and laymen are being threatened, imprisoned and tortured for opposing the South Korean government of Gen. Park Chung Hee. The program includes interviews with three missionaries, one of whom wants the Canadian government to exert economic pressure on South Korea by stopping the sale of nuclear reactors to that nation.

Oct 24, 1977 - "Life Before Birth" considers differing opinions about when life begins: at conception, at birth, or sometime in between. Second of three parts.

Oct 31, 1977 - An interview with Viktor Frankl, a 74-year-old Swiss psychiatrist who spent several years in Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz.

Dec 12, 1977 - An interview with a Jesuit priest who spent the past 20 years in a Himalayan village in India teaching the people to be agriculturally self-sufficient.

Jan 9, 1978 - The Grand Inquisitor, pre-empted again on December 26 is re-scheduled for this date. The program stars Sir John Guilgud in a dramatization of the fable of the Grand Inquisitor from Fyodor Dostoeviski's The Brother's Karamazov.

Jan 23, 1978 - On Feb. 1 the bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada meet to consider the rising issue of homosexuality within the church. As part of this dialogue, Man Alive respectfully dedicates this report to the bishops. Statistically, there is a gay Christian in every pew, and homosexuals are growing more militant across the country. Through encounters with both gay and straight Christians, Man Alive searches for the answers. Produced by Tim Bentley.

Mar 27, 1978 - Cross of Sorrow - Tree of Glory. Sights and sounds and thoughts for Easter Monday.on possibly the most enduring and widely recognized symbol on earth -The Cross.

Apr 16, 1978 - "One Man's Family," an intimate portrait of the struggles of a peasant farmer in India.

Apr 24, 1978 - An interview with writer Susan George ("How the Other Half Dies: The Real Reason for World Hunger"), who says that many are going hungry, not because of drought or overpopulation,

May 1, 1978 - For Love of Life, Part I. Following up on a report presented to the Anglican Church of Canada which appeared to many to advocate mercy killing of severly retarded infants, Roy Bonisteel went to Vancouver to further explore the ethical implications of this and other matters in the report. A large segment of the program filmed in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at Vancouver General Hospital, with the director Dr. Sid Segal.

May 8, 1978 - "TV has become the devil's instrument," says veteran British broadcaster Malcolm Muggeridge. "It's a deception operation," he adds, because the camera can so easily distort. He interrupts this interview to show how the viewer's impressions of a speaker can be controlled by the angle of a camera lens. In Muggeridge's words, he can appear "strong, wise, objective"; "a ludicrous ga-ga geriatric"; or "unutterably shifty and even obscene." To emphasize his points he uses footage of a House of Commons session and of Hitler's famous "dance" on hearing of the fall of France in 1940. There are also film clips from "I Love Lucy" and from an interview with the late Edward R. Murrow.

Jun 4, 1978 - (Best of Man Alive) "Shaping the Future," first telecast in 1976. Geneticist David Suzuki is among the scientists meeting at Canada's Chalk River atomic-research center to discuss implications of recent scientific discoveries. [Last show of the season.]

Nov 13, 1978 - "Holy Shroud of Turin."

Dec 18, 1978 - A report on how the papacy of John Paul II may affect the state of human rights in Poland and other Communist countries.

Dec 25, 1978 - Sharing experiences of and thoughts on the Christmas season are former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker; anthropologist Richard Leakey; writers Malcolm Muggeridge and Margaret Gibson; diplomat George Ignatieff; geneticist David Suzuki; and Jean Vanier, founder of a community for the mentally handicapped. Also: actor Richard Monette reads from the Gospel of St. Matthew. (60 min.)

Jan 22, 1979 - "The Holdemans." A church group which believes that it provides the only true pathway to Salvation is profiled.

Feb 5, 1979 - "Sin." Host Roy Bonisteel reports on the lucrative business which the strategic marketing of sin is attracting in Canada.

Mar 12, 1979 - "My Jerusalem" looks at the Holy City from the perspective of a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew.

Apr 2, 1979 - A look at the acceptance of Christianity by the inhabitants of Fiji and the Solomon Islands. Today, Christian observance is well rooted in the South Pacific, but some islanders want to blend it with their tribal rituals, which include traditional dances.

May 6, 1979 - A profile of George Ignatieff, former Canadian ambassador to the UN. He discusses his emigration from Russia and the effect war has had on his religious belief. Roy Bonisteel is the host.

Aug 26, 1979 - (Best of Man Alive) "Cross of Sorrow."

Sep 2, 1979 - (Best of Man Alive) The Latin American Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church gathered in Puebla, Mexico, last January, thetopic discussed was human rights and social justice in South America, and whether or not the Church should be involved. (Repeat)

Nov 20, 1979 - Tonight Man Alive begins a three-part series dealing with intimacy and sexuality. The first in the series tonight is entitled Uncaging the Tiger. Interviews on this program show that childhood messages about sex do shape the adult but there are many adults trying now to uncage their sexuality.

Dec 11, 1979 - Dr. Edward Norman - "And who, pray, is Dr. Edward Norman...?." Dr. Edward Norman, a mild-mannered sort of a chap, lit a fuse under the church establishment in Britain and the West when he accused them of politicizing Christ. Many cheered: they felt it needed to be said, but the church was not amused.

Dec 18, 1979 - "My Jerusalem" looks at the Holy City from the perspective of a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew. (Repeat)

Dec 25, 1979 - Special. "What Child is This?" In words and music, this special illustrates why the age-old story remains haunting and fresh. With Dean Herbert O'Driscoll and music and song by the Huggett family.

Jan 1, 1980 - Passion Play: Oberammergau. In 1980 the famous Passion Play of Oberammergau will be presented again after a decade of furious struggle to purge it of anti-semitism. On ManAlive tonight, the story of a village quarrel and a unique glimpse of a reform version no one will ever see.

Jan 15, 1980 - A report on the Lubavitch-Chabad movement - Chassidic Jews who champion the traditions of Orthodox Judaism and offer instruction and aid to all Jews willing to join them. Host: Roy Bonisteel.

Jan 22, 1980 - "Pacific Way."

Feb 12, 1980 - Rosemary Haughton - Rosemary Haughton is a mother of ten. Never trained in theology, she is considered today an outstanding theological thinker on love, marriage and children.

Feb 26, 1980 - A report on "Les Compagnons des Marronniers," an organization made up of people who attended a Quebec school for orphans and children with learning disabilities. When the school was turned into a mental institution in the 1950s, many of the homeless children had no choice but to remain. Isolated and labeled mentally retarded, they banded together to help one another adjust to life on the outside.

Mar 25, 1980 - Interviewed: children who are physically, and often emotionally, separated from one or both parents. Included: runaways, wards of children's-aid societies, children of divorced parents.

Apr 13, 1980 - "Morton Kelsey: Breaking Out of the Box" Morton Kelsey, Episcopahan priest, professor, author, says that for most Christians, prayer is an impossibility - because whether they know it or not, they themselves don't believe it is truly possible - they are caught in the box.

Apr 20, 1980 - A profile of the Most Rev. Edward Scott, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada since 1971.

Apr 27, 1980 - A report on the Loyal Orange Association, focusing on the role it has played in religion and politics in Canada, the difficulties it faces in contemporary society. Roy Bonisteel is the host

May 18, 1980 - (Best of Man Alive) In The Beginning (Cosmology)

Jun 8, 1980 - (Best of Man Alive) "Monk on the Run: Thomas Merton." His sudden death signalled the end of an era He had become larger than life in the turbulent Roman Catholic Church of the sixties: author, photographer, poet, political activist... mystic. Those who knew him tell us about this curious man of the world - a Trappist monk who could not be silenced. Produced by Roman Bittman and Roger Leclerc.

Aug 3, 1980 - (Best of Man Alive) "The New Way: The Holdemans" A report on the Holdemans, a Mennonite group in Manitoba that excommunicated some 90 members. Included: interviews with some of those who were forced to leave the church.

Aug 17, 1980 - Roman Catholic lay theologian Rosemary Haughton talks about sexual morality, the role of the family in the Christian community and problems that threaten modern marriages

Oct 12, 1980 - A report on the controversy in Japan over providing state support for a Shinto shrine where the nation's war dead are honored. Some Japanese view the shrine as a potential source for a revival of militarism. (Repeat)

Nov 2, 1980 - In this, the first of two programs which examine the thoughts and feelings of children in our society, Roy Bonisteel talks with a number of young people about their feelings about living without one or both parents.

Nov 9, 1980 - "Growing Pains" examines the emotional turmoil of adolescence. Teenagers from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds discuss peer pressure, morality, and conflicts with their parents.

Dec 7, 1980 - The return of native people to their traditional religion is examined with film of some Sioux Indian rituals including the sacred-pipe ceremony and the sun dance.

Dec 21, 1980 - David is a young actor in a CBC drama production. He is also mentally handicapped. In this award-winning Man Alive documentary, we meet his family, friends and David himself.

Dec 29, 1980 - "Nuns don't mix with the general population." This was especially true in rural Manitoba in the rough and ready twenties. Catherine Donnolly was determined to change all that - and she forced the church to hand its rules. Meet this delightful and doughty pioneer who left her mark on the Canadian West and on tier church

Jan 4, 1981 - Dalai Lama - To six million Tibetans, he's a living Buddha with the status of a god. In conversation with Roy Bonisteel, he turns out to be a warm, wise, compassionate man who loves a joke and calls himself simply, a monk.

Jan 18, 1981 - Soaps: The Love Business - Roy Bonisteel examines the phenomenal popularity of soap operas. Man Alive interviews soap opera stars and talks to their devoted fans. Do soaps affect our values and influence our lives? Why are they addicting millions?

Jan 25, 1981 - Freeman Patterson - The Revealing Eye. Freeman Patterson, one of the most honored and respected photographers in Canada, is an artist who regards his medium as a form of religious expression. His camera expresses a loving, reverential appreciation of the land. He explains to Roy Bonisteel not just how to appreciate his photography, but how to discover with our own eyes the special beauty of the world around us.

Feb 1, 1981 - Men, Sex and the Straight Jacket - A program about men and the uncertainties they face as cultural roles are redefined and traditional attitudes are challenged.

Feb 8, 1981 - Far Away, Another Child - Two remarkable Canadian organizations claim the abandoned and deprived children of the Third World for adoption - Sandra Simpson founded "Families for Children" in Bangladesh, and Pierre and Jocelyne Frappier work with "Welcome A Child" in Haiti. Man Alive examines the plight of the mothers forced by poverty to surrender their children so they may have a better life.

Feb 15, 1981 - "Puzzle of the Ancient Wing." Did the first speck of life evolve over millions of years into us, the human race? Just when we've decided that, yes, it did, a group of religious fundamentalists, who are also scientists, are mounting a strong attack against that notion. If they're right, the foundation of science will shake.

Mar 15, 1981 - Zimbabwe: A Bright Future, Please God - Man Alive examines the world's newest nation, and its struggle to reestablish stability after years of civil war.

Apr 5, 1981 - "El Salvador"

Oct 4, 1981 - Focusing on a Canadian Jewish family, this documentary describes the rituals used to preserve the faith, and explores the ties that Jewish communities around the world maintain with Israel. Also: footage of a Jewish summer camp in Ontario. (60 min.)

Nov 15, 1981 - Dr. McClure Returns To China, Part 2 -In May 1981, Dr. Robert McClure, the outspoken former Moderator of the United Church, returned to China for the first time since 1948.

Nov 29, 1981 - "Love and Marriage" In spite of the rising divorce rate, the sexual revolution and women's liberation, the institution of marriage is enjoying a comeback Mai Zetterling has made a witty film that asks why. She surveys the wide range of attitudes to marriage - from the expectations of the young dewy-eyed bride to those of the wary second-time-around divorcee. Mai Zetterling, former Swedish actress, is an acclaimed and controversial filmmaker, one of the few women movie directors in the world.

Dec 6, 1981 - My Lord, You May Not Say That - Host Roy Bonisteel interviews South African Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu. Described as "The cheeky cleric who dares speak the truth to power", Tutu pays a price for his candor.

Dec 13, 1981 - The Battle of Beech Hall - When politicians in Toronto's Borough of York decided to phase out Beech Hall, a subsidized apartment complex, to make way for a new development, the senior citizens living there decided to fight back.

Dec 20, 1981 - "A Sense of Mission." Man Alive examines the views of Rene Fumoleau of Yellowknife, a man with controversial ideas abut the onslaught of Southern culture in the Canadian North.

Dec 25, 1981 - (Special) "A MAN ALIVE CHRISTMAS." Join in a celebration of song, music and conversation with host Roy Bonisteel and his special guests Maureen Forrester, the Toronto Boys Choir, and members of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Jan 3, 1982 - May's Miracle - May's adopted son Leslie was severely mentally damaged. He had cerebral palsy and he was blind. He was certain to die, but he didn't. He was loved to life. Then a wondrous thing happened: May calls it a miracle.

Feb 28, 1982 - Pretty Babies - Little girls pose provocatively as cover girls. Runaway youngsters sell themselves to survive. There's a growing market for kiddie pornography. Man Alive examines a new trend - our children as sex objects.

Mar 7, 1982 - Ground Zero - Man Alive looks beyond the revival of anti-nuclear demonstrations and finds individuals who have made real sacrifices to demonstrate their concern.

Mar 14, 1982 - "The Farm" Flower power lives on in the 80s. In Lanark, Ontario and in rural Tennessee, a community of over 1,300 hippies have survived and even flourished. The members of the Farm publish books, produce records, run an ambulance service and operate aid projects in the Third World. They've translated the hippie ideals of the 60s into a lifestyle of communal living and social action. Produced by David Cherniack.

Nov 14, 1982 - A major case of financial fraud implicating the Vatican - with links to bank failure, murder and suicide - is examined.

Dec 5, 1982 - A group of children in Montreal who have produced a play about nuclear war to force people- especially their parents- to talk about the issue.

Dec 19, 1982 - A profile of a 29-year-old mentally handicapped victim of cerebral palsy who, at 16, suddenly displayed a proficiency at the piano- a skill he acquired literally overnight. (Repeat)

Jan 30, 1983 - The results of a Gallup Poll that reveals Canadians' opinions of themselves and their neighbors - in religious, moral and ethical terms ~ are examined.

Mar 6, 1983 - "Playing for Laughs." A black shape leaps over the boards, and races towards the net; Sister Mary Shooter lets go with a blistering slapshot. What's going on here? It's the Flying Fathers, a hockey team made up of priests who have raised almost two million dollars for charity by delighting audiences around the world. Roy Bonisteel laces on the skates with them to discover the relationship between humour and faith and finds the inner meaning of a pie in the face.

Jan 1, 1984 - It's the economic gospel of a small group of Catholic bishops, who say the system is unjust and must be changed by grassroots social action Months after their paper called Ethical Reflections made headlines, its influence remain quietly at work Man Alive talks to one of the authors, and visits people who have never met a bishop but whose lives have been changed by that document.

Feb 19, 1984 - Sing Freedom Something is stirring this year in Black America. Jesse Jackson's race for the presidential nomination is deeply rooted in the black religious experience, and the civil rights movements of the 60s. In the heart of Harlem, Canaan Baptist Church throbs with exuberant music and savvy social action. (Note: Last program for this season.)

Dec 12, 1984 - "Pornography - The Double Message" Images of sexual violence have increased alarmingly in films, videos and magazines. Yet studies conducted by leading Canadian and U.S. psychologists reveal that there are harmful effects of exposure to this material. It leaves us desensitized to violence and it persuades us that not just sex but sex and violence are pleasurable and rewarding. The 'double message' looks at how psychologists, community groups and students are decoding the 'pornographic' message and fighting back.

Jan 30, 1985 - "In the Care of Criminals." The story of an imaginative social program taking place behind barbed wire. Two groups of friends meet in a federal penitentiary on Vancouver Island. One group is severely mentally handicapped men from a neighbouring care centre and in the other group are bank robbers, murderers and drug traffickers. They are enriching each other. Produced by Tom Kelly .

Nov 13, 1985 - "Gentle Warriors." The goal is humility and inner peace. The path however is one of focused aggression. The ancient oriental practice of martial arts has recently become a North American phenomenon. Is it a true art, or is it just another form of violence? From Tai Chi to Bruce Lee - the paradox of "Gentle Warriors".

Dec 11, 1985 - In an effort to understand the circumstances under which aging people live, a young woman disguises herself as an old woman.

Feb 26, 1986 - The struggle of 4 million slum dwellers in Bombay to survive when faced with eviction by city authorities who decide to "beautify" the city

Oct 22, 1986 - A look at a self-help movement in which former psychiatric patients help each other recover from the isolation and loneliness of their mental illness.

Nov 19, 1986 - Mennonites discuss their traditionally secluded lives as they once again recede from the threats of modern life. (R)

Dec 3, 1986 - "Stephen Hawking's Universe" Stephen Hawking, one of the world's foremost cosmologists, is reshaping our view of the universe. The Cambridge University physicist suffers from a fatal motor neuron disease. His speech is so weak only a handful of people can understand him. yet his mind soars. He is exploring the very beginning of the universe.

Dec 17, 1986 - "S.O.S. Children's Village." At the end of World War II, a remarkable organization was created to care for thousands of war orphans.

Nov 3, 1987 - A report on an aspect of Japan's economic success which is impacting its women and family life.

Dec 1, 1987 - The true story behind the death of an American missionary priest who died in Honduras

Dec 15, 1987 - A profile of the Monks of New Skete who live on mountaintops and search intensely for God

Dec 22, 1987 - "To Touch the Face of God" This documentary celebrates man's age-old search for the authentic face of Jesus Christ. Guests include theologians James Cone, Tom Driver, Fr. Lawrence Freeman and Gabriel Fackre.

Dec 29, 1987 - A look at UFO abductions, the phenomenon which questions the possible psychological and spiritual effects of encountering extraterrestrials.

Jan 17, 1989 - "Circle of Healing" (Part 2) A report on the churches' accountability for the high rate of sexual abuse within Canada's native community.

Mar 7, 1989 - How one family has coped with the mental disorder of schizophrenia.

Dec 5, 1989 - A controversial treatment for the mentally handicapped who harm themselves through self-abusive behaviour. Host: Peter Downie

Dec 19, 1989 - Holy men, children, mystics and artists talk about the world of angels.

Jan 30, 1990 - The lack of long-term care facilities for survivors of head injuries. (Part 1 of 2)

Feb 6, 1990 - The lack of long-term care facilities for survivors of head injuries. (Part 2 of 2)

Feb 13, 1990 - Sally Boyle, a United Church minister who is also a lesbian. Now she is caught in the middle of the controversy about whether homosexuals should be ordained as ministers in the church.

Feb 20, 1990 - Humour plays a role in keeping people human.

Feb 27, 1990 - A report on the rate of sexual abuse within Canada's native community. (Part 1 of 2)

Mar 6, 1990 - A report on the rate of sexual abuse within Canada's native community. (Part 2 of 2)

Mar 13, 1990 - A profile of Rev. Lazlo Tokes, whose parishioners protected from the secret police after he sparked the Romanian revolution.

Sep 25, 1990 - (Season Premiere) Reports of child abuse, ritual killings and teenage suicides possibly related to satanism.

Oct 2, 1990 - Profiles Michael Czerny as the Canadian Jesuit begins working in El Salvador for peace.

Oct 9, 1990 - An examination of channelling, contact between spirits of the dead and the living.

Oct 30, 1990 - Within Hong Kong's Walled City a woman has given hope to drug addicts after gaining the respect of the Triad Warlords.

Nov 6, 1990 - A young child's parents fight over a liver transplant for their daughter.

Nov 20, 1990 - Senior citizens fight for the environment by taking part in "guerrilla theatre."

Nov 27, 1990 - Discussion of the fear generated by last year's University of Montreal shooting of 14 women

Oct 1, 1991 - A look at the commercial success of American gospel music.

Dec 3, 1991 - A child's parents fight their doctor in court over a liver transplant for their daughter. (R)

Nov 16, 1992 - A residents' association that is working to restore the poor public image of Vancouver's downtown east side

Nov 30, 1992 - Schools in Montreal and British Columbia that are helping autistic children live fuller lives

Mar 1, 1993 - With the help of Canadian business people, 100 children travel from New York City to a summer camp in Sylvan Lake, Alta.

Nov 10, 1993 - "AIDS at Work" A computer salesman with AIDS struggles to keep his illness a secret from his coworkers

Dec 22, 1993 - With the help of Canadian business people, 100 children travel from New York City to a summer camp in Sylvan Lake, Alta. (R)

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