Man Alive (Series) (1967-2000)

Aka: The Best of Man Alive

Man Alive
CBC television's weekly inquiry into issues of faith, commitment, and contemporary life. Although it has maintained a vigilant and critical attitude toward the church, it has generally reflected its sense of self-criticism and reform and its growing social commitment.

Originally in a magazine format, Man Alive reflected the public affairs training of its producers, and covered such subjects as current bills in Parliament that dealt with questions of divorce, capital punishment, and abortion. The program employed both filmed documentaries and studio discussions in its inquiries. In the 1970s, the producers decreased the studio-bound programs and tended more toward documentary investigations and filmed interviews.

Man Alive also aired on VisionTV.

Roy Bonisteel....Host (1967-1989)
Peter Downie....Host (1989-1996)
Arthur Kent....Host (1997)
R.H. Thomson....Host (1997-2000)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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Wonderful courageous program PLease add an episode by topoic locator menu. dvd

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