Magistrate's Court (Series) (1963-1969)

A daily syndicated half-hour program, Magistrate's Court dramatized the life of a police magistrate and the variety of cases with which he had to deal. Roy Jacques starred as the magistrate. The series was produced by Rai Purdy for Screen Gems, and originated from CHAN-TV in Vancouver for the first few years before production moved to CFCF-TV in Montreal.

Roy Jacques .... Judge Jacques

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user Theresa, March 14, 2014
I am looking for episode that my Dad and Uncle appeared in. I was only 5 at the time.My dad and uncle r both passed now. would really like to have this for myself.

would have been 60's. Leopold (Leo) Coleman and William (Bill) Arns.

thanks so much

byClick here to see the profile of this user rendles, February 24, 2012
i'm looking for an episode that my uncle from germany was on while he lived here. he was arguing with a woman over some land. he has since passed but would love to show his daughters the episode.

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