Magic Show, The (TV Movie) (1983)

Aka: The Magic Show with Doug Henning

Magic Show, The
At the nightclub Chez Manny, a new young magician, Doug, and his assistant, Cal, are hired as the headline act. Unlike the washed up no talent, Van Zyskin with his cliché style, Doug is an young ingénue with long hair and casual clothes, but with amazing talent. With the rumor of an important producer coming to see the show, the jealous Van Zyskin is determined not be overshadowed by the young upstart. He plans to steal Doug's secrets and undermine his young rival's confidence despite what unappreciated protection that Cal can provide. Can Doug keep true to himself and his art and appreciate his gifts despite what the villain plans? The result are certain to be magical.

Aired Mar 3, 1983

Doug Henning....Doug
Didi Conn....Cal
Jon Finlayson....Van Zyskin
Jack Creley....Shumway
Sandee Currie....Donna
Taborah Johnson....Dina
Anita Morris....Charmin
Paul Soles....Manny
Paul Dorsey....Barney
Paul Gordon....Steve
Barnie Wood....Mike
Aaron Ferguson....9 Year Old Boy
Eric Richard....8 Year Old Boy
Les Rubie....Stage Doorman
Hadley Kay....Boy in Audience

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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