Episode Guide - Magic of Music, The (Series) (1955-1958)

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Feb 12, 1957 - Young viewers are introduced to the saxophone and other members of the brass section.

Apr 29, 1958 - This week Mr. Kash will talk about the bassoon and the clarinet at their highest point of development in the early part of the 19th century, and the change in the way that composers wrote tor them. Mr. Kash will have as guests on the program three of the eight brothers in Montreal's musical Masella family— Pietro (oboe, English horn), Rafael (clarinet), and Rodolfo (bassoon). He will illustrate with pictures how the bassoon, requiring 8 1/2 feet of tubing to produce low C, was modified by Canon Afranio. Having joined his pipes with an elbow joint, the canon called the result a "fagotto" because it resembled a bundle of sticks. The name is still used in Italy and Germany. To illustrate the use of their instruments the Masella brothers will play music of Mozart, Beethoven, Corrette and Jean Rivier.

May 6, 1958 - This week—the string section of the orchestra with demonstrations by Mr. Kash (violin), Natalie Feldman (bass), Stephen Hondaks (viola), Walter Joachim ('cello), and piano accompaniments by John Newmark.

May 27, 1958 - This week —The Harp, with Marie Iosch.

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