Magic of Aladdin, The (Special) (1989)

A classic British pantomime version of the tale of Aladdin and the Lamp. The evil vizier Abanazar tries to manipulate Aladdin and his mother, Widow Twankey, into helping him acquire the magic lamp. But with the help of the Genie of the Ring, Aladdin wins through and captures the heart and hand of the Princess. Music, singing, dancing, and merriment throughout.

Karen Kain....Scheherezade/Genie of the Ring
Ross Petty....Abanazar
Jeff Hyslop....Aladdin
Bruno Gerussi....Widow Twankey
Ruth Nichol....The Princess
David Roxander....Caliph/Genie of the Lamp
Todd Waite....Emperor of China
Michael Whitehead....Ping
Jim White....Pong
Kelly Bodanis....Citizen of Pekin/Ensemble
Patric A. Creelman....Citizen of Pekin/Ensemble
Christine Donato....Citizen of Pekin/Ensemble
Ann Gingras....Citizen of Pekin/Ensemble
Karen Holness....Citizen of Pekin/Ensemble
Glen Kerr....Citizen of Pekin/Ensemble
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One of the funniest things I've ever seen. Kain and Petty are geniuses, and this should be made available for viewing by subscription. I'm hoping there's a copy available for sale somewhere.

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