Episode Guide - Magic Lie, The (Series) (1977-1979)

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Jan 26, 1977 - "A Horse for Running Buffalo," from Winnipeg, Don S. Williams produces and directs the story by Madeline Freeman, adapted by Frank Adamson. It stars Reg La Porte as the young boy who is given a horse by his father, to train to win a race that pits the best village riders against each other.

Feb 2, 1977 - "Boy on Defence," from Winnipeg, Don S. Williams produces and directs a hockey story written by Scott Young. In this program, goalie Ken Dryden talks with Mitchell about stories he read as a child.

Feb 9, 1977 - "Snatched," from Vancouver, Hugh Beard produces. A guerilla group kidnaps an ambassador's son and daughter and their friend. The three are held captive in a basement apartment. Based on the book by Richard Parker.

Feb 16, 1977 - "Aunt Mary's Visit," from Vancouver, Hugh Beard produces. Based on a series of short stories Applesauce Needs Sugar by Victoria Case, about a family living on Vancouver Island in the 1890s.

Feb 23, 1977 - "The Infinite Worlds of Maybe," from Vancouver, Hugh Beard produces. Story is about a scientist who disappears while working on experiments in space travel. Writer Lester Del Rey provides the storyline.

Mar 2, 1977 - "Tunnel of Terror," produced and directed by Jack Emack in Edmonton, is a melodrama about a teenager who runs from home and becomes trapped in a cave. Is it a ghost who rescues the child from this haunted place? This dramatization is based on a novel by Patricia Clyne and adapted by Edmonton writer Frank Moher.

Mar 9, 1977 - "Muskipitoon, The Great Chief," from Winnipeg, Don S. Williams produces and directs the story of an Indian who showed his people that it takes more courage to hold the course of peace than to be great warriors.

Mar 23, 1977 - "No Way Of Telling." Set in an isolated cabin at the height of a snowstorm, a young girl and her grandmother experience an intriguing visit.

Jan 11, 1978 - "Emily of New Moon," by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Host is storyteller W.O. Mitchell. Directed by Stephen Katz of CBC, Vancouver.

Jan 25, 1978 - "Trouble in the Jungle," by J.R. Townsend.

Mar 29, 1978 - "Shantymen of Cache Lake." The year is 1873 and John and Meg Bains arrive at their home, a shanty settlement on Cache Lake. Their father is the victim of a freak accident and the responsibility for supporting the family and their mother falls on their shoulders. The work is hard and John finds that he is without friends because of his refusal to participate in union meetings. His co-workers are unaware that his refusal is based on a desire not to spy on them, after he is approached by management to report on union activities. Tragedy strikes again and both John and Meg are able to show their true loyalties.

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