Episode Guide - Maggie Muggins (Series) (1955-1962)

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Maggie Muggins
The following is a partial listing of Maggie Muggins episodes.

Apr 18, 1957 - Maggie calls her friends together, but Reuben Rabbit, is absent. To the horror of all, they discover that Reuben has been picked up by the owner of the candy shop, and is on sale—complete with a big chocolate Easter egg for 75 cents. From Toronto.

Jan 22, 1959 - Maggie and her friends plan a hayride, but the wagon, with Fitzgerald aboard, runs away and falls into a deep chasm.

May 14, 1959 - Today Maggie and her friends put on a circus. A crisis develops when Henrietta Hen finds she has a cold in her beak and can't sing, but Maggie saves the day by filling in with a dancing act.

Mar 29, 1960 - Maggie as Mother Goose, and her friends prepare for a parade on the river.

Jun 21, 1960 - Maggie is going to spend the summer holidays on her grandmother's farm, Fitzgerald, Reuben and Grandmother Frog give Maggie a large basket of "fruit." but they hide inside so they can go with her. However, they are discovered.

Dec 13, 1960 - (Junior Roundup) Today is Violet Skunk's birthday and Maggie, Fitz, Reuben and Grandmother Frog have chipped in to buy her a present. But Fitz takes the money and goes to buy a present by himself. He gets a lovely purse but plays a trick by putting it into a cheese box. Everyone thinks he has selfishly bought his own favourite food for Violet, but they are ashamed when they learn they have misjudged him.

Dec 27, 1960 - (Junior Roundup) Maggie and her friends are putting on a play, about going west to look for gold. Fitzgerald and his "mother," Grandmother Frog, set out in a covered wagon, with Benny Bear, as a scout. In a snow storm, Benny gets lost, and die horses wander away. On foot, Fitz and "Ma" set out across the mountain. But there is a landslide, and they are almost buried. A good Indian, Reuben Rabbit, comes along and digs them out. And they discover gold on the spot.

May 9, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Fitzgerald Fieldmouse has adapted the story of Puss-in-Boots, calling it Mouse-in-Boots. Fitz, Reuben, and Grandmother Frog play roles, acting out the story.

May 30, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Shelley Turtle invites Maggie and friends to a party on the bottom of the meadow pond, not realizing that they cannot live underwater.

Jun 6, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Fitzgerald Fieldmouse's latest plan is to become a "human fly" and ride a motorcycle up a wall.

Aug 1, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Fitz, Reuben and Benny Bear go on a television quiz program.

Aug 8, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Mother Wind damages Fitzgerald's TV antenna, and when he goes up on the roof to fix it, he falls off, onto Mr. Tearful's pie wagon.

Sep 5, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Maggie and her friends play school in the meadow.

Sep 12, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) Maggie and her meadow friends put on a nursery rhyme play.

Sep 26, 1961 - (Junior Roundup) The case of the missing butter tarts mystifies Maggie and hot meadow friends. Fitz, wants to paint his house, so to raise the money he has a food sale, but someone steals the butter tarts.

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