Maggie Muggins (Series) (1955-1962)

Maggie Muggins
Maggie Muggins was a freckle-faced girl in a gingham dress, with her red hair pulled back in two long pigtails. Her stories had been heard on CBC radio and in print for years before Maggie and her friends in the meadow materialized on television on CBC in 1955.

Maggie played with friends like Fitzgerald Fieldmouse and Grandmother Frog. When she was caught in a quandary, her neighbour, Mr. McGarrity gave her advice or tried to help her to understand whatever was bothering her. When she was bored or tired, he might tell her a story or cheer her up by leading a song. Along with these principal characters, the meadow was filled with other animal friends.

Meadow friends Fitzgerald Fieldmouse, Grandmother Frog, and Reuben Rabbit were built and operated by John and Linda Keogh.

Margot Christie .... Grandmother Frog (voice)
John Drainie .... Mr. McGarrity (1955-1956)
Alice Hill .... Additional voices (voice)
Linda Keogh .... Puppeteer/Voices
John Keogh .... Puppeteer/Voices
Beth Lockerbie .... Additional voices (voice)
Peggi Loder .... Additional voices (voice)
Mary Long .... Maggie Muggins (1959-1962)
Norma MacMillan .... Fitzgerald Fieldmouse (voice)
Doug Master .... Mr. McGarrity (1959-1962)
Beth Morris .... Maggie Muggins (1955-1956)
Robin Paul .... Additional voices (voice)
Frank Peddie .... Mr. McGarrity (1956-1959)
Pauline Rennie .... Additional voices (voice)
Ruth Springford .... Additional voices (voice)
Deanne Taylor .... Maggie Muggins (1956-1959)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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