Made in Canada (Series) (1998-2003)

Made in Canada
Made in Canada is a satirical look down the corridors and into the offices of Pyramid Productions, a fictional, publically traded entertainment company. Rick Mercer stars as Richard Strong, a lowly script reader whose grasp of Machiavelli's principles is princely.

Richard and his army of power-hungry corporate climbers led by Alan Roy, the charismatic womanizing CEO (Peter Keleghan, his ambitious side kick Veronica Miller (Leah Pinsent) and corporate weasel Victor Sela (Dan Lett) conspire to devise schemes and outwit their enemies at every turn. The series reveals an unforgiving, yet witty expose of the dog-eat-dog film and television business while poking fun at the chaotic world of office politics.

Rick Mercer .... Richard Strong
Peter Keleghan .... Alan Roy
Leah Pinsent .... Veronica
Dan Lett .... Victor Sela
Jackie Torrens .... Wanda
Janet Kidder .... Lisa Sutton
Alex Carter .... Damacles/Michael Rushton
Chas Lawther .... Brian (2 episodes)
Alan Van Sprang .... Jeremy Black (2 episodes)
Mary Colin Chisolm .... (2 episodes)
Peter Blais .... Jeff (2 episodes)
Ann-Marie MacDonald .... Herself (2 episodes)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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