Mad Dog Vachon: Wrestling with the Past (Special) (1999)

Mad Dog Vachon: Wrestling with the Past
A comedic bio pic that traces Mad Dog Vachon's life & career from beginning to present, with an emphasis on hardship, friendship and road stories. Guests include Baron Von Rashke, Moose Morowski, Gene Kiniski, Stu Hart, Promoter Don Owen, Don Leo Jonathon, his brother The Butcher and The Intelligent, Sensational Destroyer.

Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon
Paul "The Butcher" Vachon
Baron Von Rashke
Moose Morowski
Gene Kiniski
Stu Hart
Don Owen
Don Leo Jonathon
Gino Brito
Glen Parks
Yvon Robert Jr
Dick Beyers (The Super Intelligent Destroyer)
Walter "Killer" Kowalski
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