Luncheon Date (Series) (1963-1975)

Luncheon Date
From 1963 to 1970, Luncheon Date, the noontime interview show was shot with one camera and broadcast live locally, over CBLT, from the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel.

In 1970 the show underwent a facelift, expanded its coverage to the national CBC network, and expanded to 90 minutes for CBC-owned stations (affiliates received the first and last half hour). The show also now included a musical trio who punctuated the succession of conversations with musical numbers.

In 1971, the show was cut back to sixty minutes.

Elwood Glover....Host
Bruce Marsh....Replacement Host
Al Boliska

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byDarin, November 20, 2007
I remember the show vividly from my youth. We only had 1 channel here, so if I was home from school sick I watched Luncheon Date. I believe the band was the Sonny Caufield trio. I even remember the big deal when they did the broadcast of Stompin'Tom Conners wedding to rival the US talk show thad did Tiny Tom's wedding.
byDianne Glover, July 19, 2007
Elwood and my father (Charles)Donald Glover were cousins. Dad and Elwood lived together for a few years in their younger days. Any info on relations would be appreciated. I do not know much about my Dad's Family. Thankyou for your time

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