Lost in the Barrens (TV Movie) (1990)

Lost in the Barrens
A young man is unexpectedly removed from his high school and has to go live in the north of Canada with his trapper uncle who he doesn't know. He doesn't know anything about anything pertaining to this life style or area and he has no desire to learn.

He travels even farther north with some Indians he just met. He ends up lost in the barrens of northern Canada with an Indian boy. They face tremendous hardships.

Nicholas Shields....Jamie
Evan Adams....Awasis
Lee J. Campbell....Angus
Graham Greene....Mewasin
Marianne Jones....Lenore
Victor Cowie....Headmaster
Paul Grau....Gibson
Harry Nelken....McGruber
Ken Babb....Conductor
Jeff Madden....Indian Agent
Brian Richardson....Baggage Handler
Fred Robinson....School Trustee
Eric Robinson....Hunting Party Member
Adam Beach....Hunting Party Member
Louie Camerone....Hunting Party Member
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