Live It Up! (Series) (1978-1990)

Live It Up!
Live It Up! was a Canadian healthy living and consumer awareness television program, which aired nationally on CTV from 1978 to 1990.

Live It Up! featured a mix of serious consumer-affairs topics and lighter consumer topics, mostly delivered in a tongue-in-cheek style. Regular segments included the Watchdog, a man whose face is never shown while testing different brands of a product, and "What bugs you?" where concerned consumers talk about problems with household products, and those involved in those products explain why those problems occur and/or mentions how they are improving them, and "The Great Canadian Joke-Off", a nationwide search to find the funniest joke in Canada, with each segment ending with an annoyed monkey.

Dianne Buckner
Ron Carlyle .... The Watchdog
Alan Edmonds (1978-?)
Mary Lou Finlay .... (1978-1981)
Liz Grogan (1981-?)
Jack McGaw (1978-?)
Jonathan Rudin .... The Legal Beagle
Sharon Seto
Tracie Tighe

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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I would absolutely love to see some videos of this show, especially the opening and closing credits, the music was so good and the graphics as well, but the bug of the week, watchdog segments and anything else would be welcome. I never missed this as a kid.
Owner's reply

Tapes must exist somewhere as the show was rebroadcast on Prime as recently as a few years ago. If anybody knows, please post here!

byClick here to see the profile of this user, June 21, 2007
I believe "The Great Canadian Joke-Off" segment ended with an annoyed monkey as stated. Let me know if I am wrong.
byTerri Cryne, June 21, 2007
This program did not end with an irate monkey as stated on your site. It ended with an irate bumble bee.

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