Live a Borrowed Life (Series) (1959-1962)

In this CBC quiz style show, three contestants appeared representing a well-known person. By asking questions, the panelists had to figure out who the contestant represented.

During the summer of 1960, the program went on the road, and the CBC produced programs in Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, and Montreal. As well, in the 1961-62 season, three of every four productions were done in cities other than Toronto.

Anna Cameron, who added a feminine viewpoint, left the show in 1960. She was not replaced by a permanent panelist but instead producer Drew Crossan decided to use two guests on each show.

Charles Templeton .... Moderator
Bill Walker .... Panelist
Elwy Yost .... Panelist
Anna Cameron .... Panelist (1959-1960)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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