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Littlest Hobo, The

From The Newfoundland Herald TV Week, August 22, 1979

Action-packed drama for the entire family

The Littlest Hobo, a new action-packed anthology drama provides outstanding family entertainment this Fall on CTV.

Hobo is a beautiful German Shepherd — a dynamic, incorruptible, fiercely loyal character an independent spirit — who "rides the rails" and enters each episode ready to tackle any problem, help a new friend or track down the bad guys. Hobo is the only regular cast member. He lacks a permanent owner, by his own choice it seems. He is a constant drifter, who encounters people, places and always exciting adventures on his travels.

The magic "anthology" format gives the widest possible scope to the series. Mystery, action-adventure, suspense, comedy hi-jinks and heroics — Hobo comes into each story like the traditional western good guy and having performed feats of skill, courage and plain old dog sense, wins the day and trots off into the sunset.

The Littlest Hobo has the freedom of the road — the freedom to enter all parts of society, the opportunity to pursue adventure any place and anytime.

The Littlest Hobo is produced on location and each week will feature a wide range of guest stars.

The Littlest Hobo is a co-production of the CTV Television Network, Glen-Warren Productions and Columbia Pictures Television. Arthur Weinthal and Seymour Berns are Executive Producers with Christopher Dew as producer.

From The Newfoundland Herald, December 19, 1981

Karen Kain stars in "The Littlest Hobo"

Karen Kain, a Principal Dancer with the National Ballet of Canada who has enchanted audiences around the world, is special guest star in the Christmas Eve episode of The Littlest Hobo, airing Thursday, December 24.

Karen portrays Vivian Barrie, a widow and former prima ballerina, forced into retirement at the peak of her career because of an injury. Vivian teaches dance in her own studio but never performs and is determined that her young daughter, Natalie, never know the pain, disappointment and sacrifice associated with a ballet career.

Daughter Natalie, played by Sarah Stevens, is an imaginative, precocious and rather lonely child who loves her mother and wants to emulate her. Although she has never seen her mother dance, Natalie desperately wants to study ballet.

Hobo befriends Natalie, gently brings her out of her fantasy world, and helps create an atmosphere in which Vivian and Natalie can reach a loving understanding.

In a breathtaking, ethereal climax, Vivian finally dances for her daughter. She is radiant. Her skirt swirls and her bodice sparkles with light. She is the past - dancing for the present - as if in a dream. Or is this a dream? (Karen choreographed this sequence.)

Karen Kain is an international world class ballerina who is known and loved in every major dance capital of the world. She is enjoying a stunning career and has performed in France, Russia, China, Japan, Korea, Trinidad, Mexico, Italy, Monte Carlo, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, and all over Canada and the U.S. She has been partnered with the very top male dancers in the world including Nureyev and Baryshnikov. She performed Giselle at Moscow's Bolshoi Theatre. In March, 1981, she appeared in a televised gala in honor of President and Mrs. Reagan in Ottawa. Karen has also danced at festivals and galas all over the world and frequently performed on television. Her appearances on The Littlest Hobo marks Karen's dramatic debut.

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