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Littlest Hobo, The
Total 65 Episodes

Sep 27, 1963 - "Blue Water Sailor." A student runs a boat with only Hobo as his crew. Guests: Richard Valos; Indus Arthur; Earl Matheson (Reed); Monty McFarlane (Mr. Brady); Otto Lowy (Mike); Alexis Hartrick (Ruth).

Oct 4, 1963 - "Die Hard." An old prospector finds himself alone and injured on the desert. He is found by Hobo who helps him. Guests: Keenan Wynn (Colton); Mario Alcade (Wallasheen).

Oct 11, 1963 - "One Last Rose." London matches wits with a bank teller who plans to rob his own bank. Guests: Harry Townes (Bank Teller); Carol Hill; Tom Hill; Rosanne Tompkins; Sam Payne; David Birley.

Oct 18, 1963 - "Come Next Fall Session." Hobo leads a medical student to a man who has been injured in the north. The young student must decide whether to operate or not to save the man's life. Guests: Richard Rust (Kevin); Ina Victor (Yvette); Sean McClory (Meacham); William Buckingham (Dahl); Harry Sanders (Parker).

Oct 25, 1963 - "Cry Wolf." A publicity-seeking young singer claims she was the near-victim of a strangler - only to become involved with the real thing. Guests: Nita Talbot; John Anthony (Andrews); James Johnson (Reporter); William Hagan (Joe); Merve Campone (Waiter); John Mayes (Ed); Robert Van Luven (Wally); Ole Olsen (Drunk); Lloyd Berry (Strangler).

Nov 1, 1963 - "Ninety Dollars For Mary." Hobo befriends an ex-pugilist and with faithful and constant companionship induces him to reconsider a contemplated crime. Guests: Bill Williams (Dan Dawson); Ray Downey (Mike Riley); Pat Gage (Mary Riley).

Nov 8, 1963 - "Honor Ranch." An uncompromising old woman and a dog with a mind of his own help an escaped convict accept total honesty for the first time in his life. Guests: Doug Lambert (Andy); Ellen Corby (Ada); Gwen Franks (Toni Riker); Ted Stidder (Thayer Shandy); Barney O'Sullivan (Walter Mayberry); Joseph Golland (Judge Potter); Bob Chambers (Bingo Green); John Parker (Crawford).

Nov 15, 1963 - "Chico." Hobo befriends two Cuban boys who are looking for an eye specialist to treat the younger lad's eyes. Guests: Manuel Padilla (Chico); Rafael Lopez (Felipe); Nick Kendall (Trooper); Ken McIntyre (Trooper); John Emerson (Dr. Benjamin J. Carter); Michael Boncoeur (Juan); Christine Burnett (Mamacita); Bebe Ruthland (Girl); Barney Potts (Customs Officer); Max Power (Taxi Driver); Ted Grandtke (Truck Driver); Joe Donati (Guard).

Nov 22, 1963 - "Stakeout." Two detectives are staked out near a second hand store to prevent a holdup. Guests: Edward Binns (Lieutenant Kimball); Chuck Bateman (Sergeant Sloan); Peter Kelch (Durand); June Watt (April); Martin Iverson (Hastings).

Nov 29, 1963 - "Furlong." Hobo befriends a racing colt and is kidnapped by gamblers. Guest: Gregg Palmer (Tom Dawson).

Dec 6, 1963 - "Bush Pilot." Hobo joins up with an Alaskan bush pilot and they save the life of a child bitten by a rabid animal. Guests: Mickey Finn (Lebec); Eric Cunningham (Wheeler); Paul Rothery (Tommy).

Dec 13, 1963 - "Chinese Puzzle." The owner of a Chinese restaurant and his daughter befriend Hobo who brings good fortune to them. Guests: Keye Luke (Wu Chang); Donna Wong (Betty Chang); Gary Lee (Danny Wing); Brun Besto (Allison); Marc Howard (Willard); Tony di Milo (Driver).

Jan 3, 1964 - "Silent Witness." Hobo is the sole witness of a hit-and-run accident, in which an elderly lady is killed. Guests: Scott Peters (Sam Powers); Larry Reynolds; Nan Stewart; Jim Barron; Joanna Myhal.

Jan 10, 1964 - "Black Satan." When an emergency forces a rodeo rider to remount a bronc which has crippled him, Hobo comes to his aid. Guests: Ron Hayes (Jud McGregor); Kevin Corcoran (Mike McGregor).

Jan 17, 1964 - "High Pursuit." Hobo, as a student in a struggling parachute school, jumps to save a life and assists in identifying bank robbers. Guests: Donna Walsh, Diana Darrin, Bruce McLeod, Neil McLeod.

Jan 24, 1964 - "Honored Guest." Hobo befriends another dog and prevents an assassination which was planned to take place during a large parade. Guests: Art Jenoff; John Elliot; Charles P. Eisenman (Karl); John Paris (Policeman); Jim Barron (Policeman).

Feb 7, 1964 - "The Great Manhunt." A posse, hunting a notorious criminal is joined by a meek shopkeeper, trying to impress his girl friend with his courage. Hobo accompanies him. Guests: Henry Gibson (Ansel); Patrice Wymore (Libby); Monty McFarlane (Sheriff); Ernest Prentice (Fugitive); Douglas Johnstone.

Feb 14, 1964 - "The Desperate Game." Hobo discovers a man intends to kill his partner while on a hunting trip. Guests: Chick Chandler (Andy Knight); Dean Haerns (Gene Foster); Des Fowler (Will Thorne).

Mar 6, 1964 - "Curse Of Smokey Ridge." A young artist meets Hobo and they go together to his native Tennessee village to claim his inheritance - a plot of so-called haunted land. Guests: Tommy Rettig (Nathan); Gwen Franks (Emily Tipton); Monty McFarlane (Sam Lockhart).

Mar 13, 1964 - "A Fortune in Mink." When a beautiful model finds herself in distress while trying to catch a fur thief, Hobo goes to her aid. Guests: Fran Gregory (Tina); Charles Bateman (Larry); Al Ruscio (Dino); Ted Stidder (Sam); Ernest Prentice (Walter); Joseph Golland (Sloane).

Mar 20, 1964 - "Rough Passage." A restful voyage for a nervous young girl turns into a rough passage when she witnesses a crime.

Apr 3, 1964 - "A Doll Talks." Edgar Bergen plays the role of an unemployed ventriloquist whom Hobo assists to find a job. Bergen brings his dummies, Charlie, Mortimer and Effie. Guests: Edgar Bergen (Hjalmer); David Hughes (Dr. Welch); Rosemary Round (Cathy); Barbara Cosgrove (Mrs. Lewis); Gaylor Bryan (Dispatcher).

Apr 10, 1964 - "Babysitting." A baby climbs out of its parents' car.while they are on vacation, but Hobo finds the child and manages to keep it safe until help arrives. Guests: Michael Matthews (Dan Clark); Diana Ricardo (Sara Clark); Pamelyn Ferdin (Cindy).

Oct 24, 1964 - "Scout's Honor." Hobo promotes a friendship between a 12-year-old Eastern boy, and a little Boy Scout. Guests: Kevin Burchett (Shah of
Kyberstani); Keith Taylor (Boy Scout).

Nov 10, 1964 - "The Chaperone." The Littlest Hobo becomes more than a four-footed friend to an eloping couple. He chaperones their romance with such persistence that the couple eventually, with gratitude, reconsider their plan. Gail Gilmore and Ben Cooper star as the eloping pair.

Dec 15, 1964 - "Anniversary Guest." When a young married couple get into an argument on their wedding anniversary, Hobo acts as a diplomatic go-between. Guests: Pat Harrington Jr (Brad); Joan Freeman (Joyce).

Dec 22, 1964 - "High Society." By uncovering their pretence of belonging to high society, Hobo brings two young people to a realization that clothes don't make the man - nor the woman.

Jan 12, 1965 - "My, What Big Eyes You Have, Grandma." Hobo comes to the aid of a bank manager, who to prove his bank's need of a detection camera, masquerades as an "old lady" bank robber, and is fired upon. Guest: Cliff Norton (Fred Natley).

Jan 19, 1965 - "A Bitter Pill For Doc." An elderly doctor believes that his patients think he is too old to practise. Guests: Paul Fix (Doc Grady); Charles Kavanagh (Dr. Vines).

Feb 9, 1965 - "The Near-Sighted Mouse." Hobo saves the day for a young secretary when she loses her glasses, without which she is virtually blind.

Feb 16, 1965 - "You Can't Buy A Friend." Hobo allows himself to be sold by a hobo in order to fan a friendship between the down-and-outer and a woman who can help him. Guests: Noah Beery Jr. (Miles Winslow); Rosemary DeCamp (Angela Spencer).

Feb 23, 1965 - "White Elephants Are Pink." Hobo helps a young woman find her deceased uncle's hoard of valuable paintings and apprehend a man who is trying to steal them. Guests: Garrison True (Robert Callum, Jr.); Margaret Bly (Margot Benton).

Mar 16, 1965 - "The Search." Hobo becomes involved with a gang responsible for a robbery, but after finding the loot he is able to clear one suspect who has been falsely accused.

Mar 23, 1965 - "His Brother's Keeper." Hobo discovers a cache of stolen money and helps round up the holdup gang

Mar 30, 1965 - "Black Sheep, Black Sheep." Hobo takes over as sheepdog on a young couple's farm when their own collie is maimed by a vicious sheepkiller. Guests: Gregg Palmer (Vern); Kate Manx (Ida); Ken Martin (Son).

Original Airdates Unknown

"High Hazard." Hobo is at a skiing lodge with a woman who thinks she is losing her husband to his profession, skiing, but actually her greatest danger is his former sweetheart. Guests: Joyce Taylor (Helen); Don McArthur (Franz).

"The Witness." Hobo witnesses the murder of a prominent attorney, but is unable to prevent it. He takes various articles belonging to the murderer, however, and hands them over to the police who then confront the murderer with them.

"The Good Provider." Hobo tries to help a needy family that doesn't know bank robbers are hiding loot under their house. Guests: Jeanne Baird (Edna Dixon); Don Kennedy (Tom Dixon).

"Trouble in Pairs." The efforts of Hobo and a vagabond friend are rewarded when a team of horses which they save from being sold are used to rescue a busload of schoolchildren. Guests: Herbert Vigran (Ben Smith); Beth Lockerbie; Aileen Seaton; Eric Cryderman; Jennifer Ogilvie; Syd Brown; Art Jenoff.

"No Escape." Hobo rescues a nightclub singer who is involved in a web of underworld intrigue by tricking the gunmen who are holding her prisoner on top of a lighthouse until authorities arrive. Guests: Joyce Tayle (Felicia Sweet); Craig Shreeve (Steve Grace); Fred Bass (Cappy).

"Double-Cross." Lumberjack Danny Kilgarren gets involved in a crooked logging contract when he leads a strike. Guests: Jim Davis (Danny Kilgarren); Madge Meredith (Mailie Kilgarren); Ray Ballard; Walter Marsh; Anne Cameron; William Buckingham; Norman Leeming; Lloyd Berry; William Hagan.

"Lady In Fear." Cliff Sorenson gives London to his wife as a gift, but she's terrified of the dog. Guests: David Garner (Cliff); Gloria Talbott (Laura)

Titles Unknown (might be included above)

Feb 21, 1964 - A wealthy woman incurs her family's wrath when she names Hobo her sole heir.

Feb 28, 1964 - Hobo takes on a mountain lion when the latter threatens an expectant mother left alone after an auto accident in the mountains.

Mar 27, 1964 - A group of Indians adopt Hobo and are repaid for their kindness when he helps prevent the kidnapping of one of the members.

Oct 17, 1964 - Hobo assists a woman to regain her self-confidence and she, in turn, saves his life.

Dec 8, 1964 - On a hunting trip a small boy proves that he has a great deal of courage when he helps Hobo save his father from an attacking cougar. Guests: Steve Brodie; Nicky Griffith; Pat Barlow.

Jan 26, 1965 - Hobo tries to persuade a soldier and a young girl that running away won't solve their problems.

Feb 2, 1965 - Hobo is pursued by townspeople who fear, because he has been exposed to radioactivity, the dog is a danger to the community.

Mar 2, 1965 - Hobo unmasks a bandit whom he has seen rob a motorist and then must convince the sheriff that it is his deputy who is really the robber.

Mar 9, 1965 - When the young daughter of Hobo's new friend is locked up by two thugs during her mother's absence, she is able to slip the dog a note under the door and he goes for help.

Titles and Original Airdates Unknown (might be included above)

- A former professional hockey player now down and out, is attempting a comeback. Hobo helps the man avoid the influence of a racketeer who wants him to throw a game.

- Hobo helps to save a young woman who is being held hostage by a murderer.

- A young girl is kidnapped by two holdup men who robbed her boyfriend's company.

- Hobo apprehends a payroll robber who has been masquerading as an English butler.

- Hobo induces a young soldier who is AWOL and his girlfriend to reconsider their plans to run away together.

- Hobo saves a man from being asphyxiated in his car.

- Hobo risks his life saving a young man who charters his boat to two armed fugitives

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