Little Vampire, The (Series) (1986)

Little Vampire, The
13 part television series based on the books: "The Little Vampire" and "The Little Vampire Moves In" by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg.

Joel Dacks .... Rüdiger Edward Frederick August Von Schlotterstein
Gert Fröbe .... Detective Geiermeier
Michael Gough .... Uncle Theodor
Jim Gray .... Lumpi Von Schlotterstein
Michael Hogan .... Robert Bohnsack
Susan Hogan .... Helga Bohnsack
Christopher Kent .... Cyril
Marsha Moreau .... Anna Irmgard Von Schlotterstein
Lynn Seymour .... Aunt Dorothee
Christopher Stanton .... Anton Bohnsack
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